✨Tracer's Gallery✨

When you create a piece of work about JBDs, you can turn those pieces here for tokens!
Below is the chart we use to calculate tokens awarded for each piece in this category. Use the submission guide to see what qualifies for each category!

Art Type Base Shading (+5) Gift art (+5) Background
Headshot/Sketch 1 n/a n/a n/a
Bust 10 15 (+5) (+10)
Halfbody 15 20 (+5) (+10)
Fullbody 20 25 (+5) (+10)
You may draw up to 20 JBDs max per each Tracer's Artwork submission.
It can all be the same JBD, this is just to make counting our rewards easier.

Tracer's does not accept revised work! Please make sure your work is complete and fits the category you want before you submit. If you're unsure what your piece qualifies for, let us know in the logs before it's accepted into the gallery so you have the opportunity to make necessary changes.