✨Reference Sheets✨

For custom references of your JBDs. This gallery is not the place to update your JBDs ML image — just the place to show them off!
Drawing a custom reference of your jbd will earn you 50 Tokens!

  • Your reference can be one of the three categories: JBD, human bean, or split pea. (Please use the correct gallery when uploading your reference.)
    • You will only be rewarded for each form once per JBD, but feel free to make as many refs as you'd like!
    • Check out our Bean Forms page for more information on these forms!
  • References must be unobscured fullbodies
    • If making these refs for the masterlist, please remember to provide the full design. (This is just for normal JBD refs. It is encouraged to give your split peas and human beans clothes!)
  • All forms can be on one single sheet and still count as individual refs for token awardance (EX: x1 feral + x1 split pea = 100 tokens)