thank god there was no fire this time

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“Mom, are you SURE this is the best way you can help?” Mae’s tone was, surprisingly, full of genuine concern. Clementine brushed her off. It would be fine! Sure, Clem didn’t have the best track record with cooking, but it wasn’t all bad. She hadn’t set a fire in the kitchen in years, and those sweet darlings at the adoption center needed good. Poor Bronagh surely couldn’t do it all on her own, and Clementine was happy to help. With a sigh, Mae shrugged. “I guess just call if you need me to pick you up, or like, call the fire department.”

“I’m sure it won’t come to that,” Clementine said cheerfully, “I’ll be back around five tonight!” Putting on a thick scarf, Clementine made her way out of the house, trudging through the deep snow. As she approached the adoption center, several adorable snowbeans were collected in the front yard. With a shiver, Clementine took off her scarf to adorn one of them, smiling at the care that was put into each one. Such creativity!

“Thank you so much for coming,” Bronagh said as she gestured inside for Clem to join her. They entered a large kitchen with several steaming pots. “How about you start by chopping up some potatoes?”

Clementine nodded, secretly relieved to be placed in a preparation role. Ever since Bee had moved out to be a nanny full time, they had eaten a lot of takeout. Mae was so paranoid that she wouldn’t even let Clementine touch the oven, let alone try to cook. But Clementine was ready to get back into the game and put her best foot forward. She cut the potatoes with care, but somehow, they all ended up different sizes. Next, carrots, then mushrooms, until all of the vegetables were chopped. Proud of her work, she handed a large bowl of veggies to Bronagh, who slid them into the pots full of boiling broth.

“It’s so good of you to keep this place going,” Clementine said with a bright smile, “I’m sure it’s a lot of work!”
“It’s true there’s no end to the work!” Bronagh said, stirring the boiling soup. “But it’s worth any cost to help these beans get a better start in life. It’s really the least I could do.”
There was a strange wistfulness to Bronagh’s tone, a regret Clementine couldn’t quite place. It was as though Bronagh were atoning for something, but what could such a saint have to atone for?
“Well I’m sure glad I was able to help today,” Clementine said. “To be honest with you, cooking really… isn’t my forte.”
Bronagh laughed. “I completely understand! Good job showing up anyways, we’re always happy to have another set of hands.”
“Maybe I’ll come by more often,” Clementine said, “Do you need any help cleaning? Or maybe sewing. I’m really excited to be of help in any way I can.”
“Now that I think of it,” Bronagh said, beginning to scoop bowl after bowl of soup for dinner, “I DO have quite the pile of mending to be seen to… Are you sure you can spare the time?”
“Absolutely! I like to have busy hands.”
“Then how about you come by next week! I look forward to seeing you, Clementine, really.”
Clementine beamed. “It’s a date!”

thank god there was no fire this time
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