there must be a void in there

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"Hey kid. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you."

Camille glanced up chewing on a blade of grass to see a kinda spiky purple bean lurking in the shadows. He had with him so many bags full of glistening bottles that matched the glint in his eye. Camille fixed her strange eyes squarely on him, and silently waited for him to continue.

"Could you do me a little favor?"

She squinted, before gesturing to the bags.

"Yeah, these. Could you bring them out of town for me? I'll let you have one."

Camille walked up to the bags, sniffing them, examining a bottle carefully. She had the foggiest idea of what these were meant to be, but she couldn't quite remember... Either way, she needed to know more. She opened her mouth to plop one in, but Dare snatched it out of her hands.

"No downpayments! You'll get it after you deliver the goods." 

Camille nodded, a little dejected, but not deterred. She pulled a chewed on map out of her pouch and laid it out in front of them, pointing at town, then looking back at Dare expectantly. With one of his massive claws, he scored an X where they were to meet. 

"Alright, meet me just after sundown. If your parents ask you where you're going, don't tell them anything."

Camille stared blankly at Dare. 

"I suppose you probably won't tell them anyways, huh." Dare shrugged and backed into the shadow, whispering "Don't disappoint me,,,," as he faded into the blackness.

A few hours later, with dusk's light falling behind the horizon with each moment, Camille dragged the bags to the spot on the map, and waited patiently for Dare to show up. She had managed to resist eating the goods thus far, resolving not even to lick them until he showed up. 

"Ah good job, kiddo," Dare said, dropping down from a tree. "And you didn't take the potion yet. You're a good one. Just the kind that deserves a nice little treat..." He placed a single potion in her hands, nodding enthuseastically. "Go on, take your prize!"

What happened next was truly too much for Dare to handle. The little bean's eyes bugged out, a goblin-esque energy flooding into her every movement as she started swallowing potion after potion, corks still in place, glass and all. She was so small, but there must have been a void dimension in her esophogous because she just kept going. On and on, bag after bag, Dare too shocked to do anything about it. Token after token was disappearing from Dare's future wallet as Camille consumed every last drop of his life's work. Before long, even the bags that had carried them were gone. But in Camille's hands sat one last little bottle, the one he had given to her as her payment. She steadied herself as the goblin energy drained from her eyes, and the blank stare came to replace it once again. Pondering the bottle in her hands, she placed one hand on Dare's, bringing it forward. Gingerly, she put the singlur bottle in his hand, as a strange sort of thank you, before she bounded off into the distance, as if nothing had ever happened.

there must be a void in there
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