Official JBD Base (VERSION 3)

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Official JBD Base (VERSION 3)
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Feel free to use the Dalmatier's official lines to make your JBD!*


The Official Bases, while highly customizable, are used as a quick visual reference among a set standard and should not be heavily manipulated for individual stylization purposes.
Examples of this are…

- Redrawing the standard traits
- Applying custom ears/tuft/fur/etc to draw the standard traits in your own style
- Altering the body’s position from sitting to laying down/moving a paw up/etc
- Changing the body weight only in the front of the jbd to give the dal lines a “stockier” or “front heavy” appearance.
- Applying a deviant muzzle shape to draw the jbd nose in your own style rather than giving it a different face shape as intended

If you wish to draw your bean with more stylization and diversity in their body (which we would love to see) please make a reference off-base instead!

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