Breeding JBDs

Created: 9 October 2021, 00:04:57 PDT
Last updated: 30 October 2022, 14:51:50 PDT

Breeding your Jellybean Dragons is a fun and easy way to get new designs and characters while also expanding your bean's family.
This can be done through solely your own JBDs or through pairing your beans with other users' beans. Whatever the case, this guide is here to help you learn how to go about this process!
Please see the breeding rules and our full terms for more info.


Thanks to the small amount of magic that they have left, any two beans can produce offspring regardless of sex, gender or sexuality.
The only real requirements for breeding comes in the form of Breeding Items AND the consent of all users involved.

Wedding Rings

This item, when given to two (or more) beans at one time, links them together in a Mateship. A mateship allows the JBDs within them to produce offspring together so long as they stay in the mateship.

While only two JBDs can breed at one time, a mateship can include up to 5 JBDs total.


Separation Papers

 When this item is requested for a JBD, it removes them from their current Mateship.

If a bean currently has a Breeding Spell, the request of Separation Papers makes the spell expire immediately.

While it isn't required, please let the owner's of your JBD partner(s) know before requesting this currency!


Courting Roses

Unlike Wedding Rings, Courting Roses are used to link together two JBDs temporarily for a one-off breeding. These temporary breeding relationships are called "Courtships."

This item is deleted after a breeding is complete.

You can also delete this item from your JBD yourself and it will render the courtship invalid for breeding.

Breeding Spell

A Breeding Spell can be given to any currently mated bean at any time ONLY by the owner of the bean. 

This spell tells us that the user has given their express permission to breed their bean with any JBD within their mateship (or in their courtship.) It dissapears once a breeding is completed.

This currency expires after 1 year
, meaning the bean will not be able to breed until they are updated with a new pass.

This item can be freely obtained through The Build-A-Bean workshop.


How to Mate your JBDs

 To start, in the upper right of the toolbar select "Submit" and then "Submit Prompt" 

1. Prompt: Select the"Mateship Records" prompt from the dropdown. 
2. URL: For wedding rings and courtship roses, you can use this to link us to a screenshot of all parties agreeing to the mateship.  If all beans involved are owned by you, do not worry about this step.
3. Comments: Leave blank (UNLESS you feel you need to provide additional information to  get us to approve something.)
4. Rewards: Leave blank
5. Characters: Press "Add Character" for every bean involved and then add them by typing in their individual codes to the box provided. (EX: NPC-1)
Then, under "Reward Type" select "Item" and then add the breeding item of your choice. (In the case separation papers you can only add your own beans to the claim)
(Separation papers will not be added to your beans inventory, we will simply remove any wedding rings they have!)
This is what it should look like:
6. Add-ons: Leave blank

Hit "Submit" and you're done! You'll recieve a message once staff has rejected or approved the claim.

How to Apply a Breeding Spell to your JBD

Go to The Build-A-Bean workshop

1. Purchase the "Breeding Spell" item for 0 tokens. It should immediately be placed in your inventory.
2. Go to your inventory and find the spell. Click on it,  click the check box beside the item, and then select the dropdown "Transfer Item to Character"
3.  Select the character you wish to apply the item to. Once selected, click "Transfer"

And you're done! Your bean should now have the breeding spell in their inventory!
If you wish to remove this item at any point, simply click on the item in the character's inventory, check the box and then delete the item as normal.

Nursery MYOS


Otherwise known as NMYOS, Nursery MYO slots allow users to design the offspring of their JBDs and automatically inherit some of the parents' traits without the need for potions.
You can get NMYOs by exchanging Breeding Vouchers to The Nursery!

How to Exchange your Breeding Voucher for a NMYO

23-image.png→     NMYOexample.png
First make sure you have a breeding voucher in your inventory.

You can buy a single breeding voucher (350 tokens or $35) or a twin breeding voucher (600 tokens or $60) at the Build-a-Bean workshop.

You can either submit this form directly to the prompt itself, or go the "Submit" dropdown in the nav bar and select "Submit Prompt."
You will then be asked to fill out the following form:

Prompt: The Nursery (dropdown selection)
1. URL: Leave blank
2. Comments: Fill out the following form:

Recipient of NMYO 1: [website profile]
Recipient of NMYO 2:
 (For Twin Breeding Vouchers) [website profile]
(*For parents with different owners: Ownership must be agreed on by both parties before the form is submitted)

3. Rewards: Leave blank
4. Characters: Press "Add Character" and add the two parents that are being bred with their unique codes. (EX: NPC-1) You must own at least one of the beans being bred.
5. Add-ons: Attach the Breeding Voucher from the "Inventory" dropdown. (Twin Breeding Vouchers cannot be separated and must be turned in at the same time.)

Hit "Submit" and you're done! Once approved, the specified owner(s) will receive the NMYO slot(s) with a set of traits automatically applied.

Inheriting Traits

Traits have a 50/50 shot at being passed down from either parent, meaning if one bean has floppy ears and the other bean has nonstandard ears, the nursery bean will have a 50% chance at getting either outcome.* If both beans have the same trait, the trait passes down automatically.

Mutations and Plain Coats have a 25% chance at passing down when only one parent has the trait. If both parents have the same mutation or they both have plain coats, the trait passes down 100% of the time.

Parent Traits

  • Parent A (PA) Traits:
    • Body: Standard
    • Ears: Long
    • Tuft: Curly
  • Parent B  (PB) Traits:
    • Body: Short
    • Ears: Fluffy Flop
    • Tuft: Long

offspring Traits

  • Child A Traits:
    • Body: Short (PB)
    • Ears: Long (PA)
    • Tuft: Long (PB)
  • Child B Traits:
    • Body: Standard (PA)
    • Ears: Fluffy Flop (PB)
    • Tuft: Curly (PA)

*Traits must match the ones that are listed in the slot UNLESS overwritten with a potion

Designing an NMYO

  • While there is some leeway for creativity and aesthetics, the designs must resemble the parents through color and design elements. If the NMYO's design is too different, you might be asked to change it.
    • This is also the case for custom traits that pass down — if a bean has custom ears, the child's ears should resemble those or a mix of both parents' ears in some way. This does not mean they have to be the exact same, but can be if a user wishes.
  •  Designs cannot be exact replicas of one parent AND they can't be the exact same as a sibling's design, even if they are twins.
    • One or two markings that are different is not enough to be considered "separate."
    • Design elements from other family members (grandparents, great grandparents, etc.) are free to apply with permission of the owner of those family members, but they should not be large additions and remain very minor.
  • If you are interested in changing your NB's design, please see the Nursery Revamp guide for more information on how revamp items can affect them.

❌Same Or similar design as Parents

❌Deviates too far from parents

❌Same design for siblings

*If one sibling were to have this design it would work!

✅Acceptable breeding


How to get Your NMYO Design Approved

1. Go to the NMYO Slot you made the design for. (You can check which parents are attached through the "design lineages" tab at the bottom!)
2. In their settings (in the left toolbar) select "Update Design"
3. In the "Masterlist Image" tab, upload the image of your NMYO and fill out the required info for it.
4. (Optional) In the "Add Ons" tab, open your inventory and select whatever items you are applying to your bean. You must purchase it before you can apply it.
5. (Optional) In "Traits" you can find all of the NMYO's base traits. While these should already be listed for you, you can use this area to add any free traits as well as any item-added traits to your bean! Mark down any traits applied with a potion with a "+." Extra comments should not be added beside traits and should only be added by staff when needed. Do not forget to save before leaving this tab!
6. (Optional) Use the "Comments" tab to provide any information or images staff might need to approve the design.
7. Go back to "Status" to hit submit and your job is done! You'll recieve a message once staff has rejected or approved the design.


Official Artist Breedings

  • Official JBD Artists can create Nursery Beans (NB) without prior purchase of an NMYO!
    • The process for inheriting traits is the same as it is for NMYOs.
  • Artists will open slots for users to claim (be it fcfs, raffle, artist pick, etc.) within their designated shops.
  • Artists will disclose if they are breeding a single newborn or twins as well as their designing fees. (Sometimes Artists will do free breedings, but this is not guaranteed!)
  • Just like for NMYOs, Artists can only breed JBDs that are in a mateship and have unexpired breeding spells.

Interested in getting an official artist breeding? Check Bespoke Beans to see which artists are available for comissions!

Standard MYOs (Unofficial Breedings)

  • Unofficial breedings are standard MYOs that are designed to be the offspring of two or more designs.
  • As they are just regular MYOs, revamp items will affect them like any other MYO.
  • Unofficial breedings do not need NMYO's, wedding rings, or breeding spells to be made. 
    • The only requirement is that approval from all parent owners must be submitted in some form when submitting the the MYO for approval.
  • These designs are not linked to the parents official website lineages like NMYOs are.
  • Keep in mind that these beans do not inherit traits like NMYOs do, so any traits you want must be obtained through potions.

    *See the Build-A-Bean guide for more information on making MYOs.


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