Build-A-Bean (Traits and MYOS)

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Traits are the foundation of making any JBD.  MYOs start out with only standard traits, which can all be found here.
You can buy MYOs at the Build-A-Bean Workshop

Standard Fur/body

Normal - Mixed - Short

  • JBDs can have any body type — this is only referring to their fur length!
  • Users can add small stray hairs, small curls or a small braids in the fur. Users may also add surface level scars to their bean's body.
  • When using the V2 or V3 lineart, we ask that you draw the standard fur as close as possible when changing your beans body type!
    • This is to avoid confusion and keep things the same for everyone across the board when using these lines.

Standard EARS

Normal - Long - Short - Floppy - Fluffy Flop - Mismatched

  • Ears can also be mismatched as long as both are one of the standard types. (EX: A bean with one normal ear and one floppy ear.)
  • Ears can be minorly torn/nicked and can also be given small tufts at the end of them.

Standard Tail Tufts

Normal Tuft - Long Tuft - Curly Tuft

  • No matter the potion's usage or the mutation, a JBD will always have a fluffy tuft at the end of their tail.



Standard Horns

Upwards - Curly - Sleek - Wavy - Ram - Short - None

  • Not every bean has to have horns, but a JBD will only grow horns once they reach adulthood!
  • The following horns can be added to your bean at any time if your bean doesn't already have a pair of their own.
  • Users can add small fractures to the horns or even give their bean broken horns so long as they remain one of the standard types.

Standard Pupils

Round - Slit

  • Standard pupils can either be round or slit.
    • Standard pupils can also be mismatched (one slit + one round)
    • Pupils, like the iris and sclera, can be any color!

Custom Traits

Custom Fur - Custom Ears - Custom Tuft - Custom Horns - Unique Pupils

  • Anything that differs from the standard traits are referred to as "custom traits." These traits are practically limitless in their potential and do not have a set look to them.
  • Custom Traits must deviate significantly from standard traits.
  • To achieve traits like these for your MYO, you will need to purchase potions — all of which can be found in Keeper's Shop.
(*For more information on applying potions as well as their limitations, check out Potion Usage.)


  • While most beans believe mutations are odd, new developments in the genes of a few individuals, mutations are actually traits of the original dragons reappearing within the species through some unknown means.
  • To add mutations to your MYO, you will need to purchase Mutation Potions — you can only find mutation potions in Dare's Back Alley Market.
  • Click to see the full mutation list

Miscellaneous Traits

Miscellaneous traits are traits with no rarity that are still noteworthy.

Free traits

Traits that can be added/removed freely and at any time.

Click to see List
  • Ear Tufts
    • Small hairs coming off the ends of your JBD's ears. Must stay small and not effect the overall shape of the original ear.
  • Ankle Tufts
    • Small tufts of fur that stick out from a bean's front paws.
    • Usually appear on JBDs with long ears/long tail tuft
  • Hair Tuft
    • A small poof of hair that can be styled.
  • Snaggle Teeth
    • Small teeth that poke out of the bean's mouth.
  • Scars
    • A trait showing a healed wound on your bean.
  • Small Braids
    • Small braids in your JBD's fur or tail tuft. Must stay small and not affect the overall fur's texture or style.
  • Whiskers
    • Thin, soft whiskers, similar to a cat's.
  • Beard Tuft
    • A small tuft on your bean's chin that is similar to a beard

Missing Limbs

The bean is missing a limb, eye, ear,  or has a major injury.

  • Beans can lose a limb for any reason, such as diseases, fights, accidents, or even simply missing one from birth.
  • Please be respectful and do your research before giving your bean this trait!
Types of Missing Limbs

You may remove two of the following missing limb categories without giving your bean visible supports.

  • Eyes: Both/All
  • Ears: Both/All
  • Digits (fingers and toes): Up to 5
  • Paws (front or back): 1
  • Legs (front or back): 1

You cannot remove the same category twice without a visible support added.

Types of visible supports

If you would like to remove more than what is allowed, you must give your JBD a visible support.

Supports can be (but are not limited to:)

  • A prosthetic/limb replacement
    • A JBD's prosthetic can be any style or material so long as it works like a replacement limb first and foremost!
  • A wheelchair/cart mechanism
    • Same as above! So long as it can assist the bean's mobility, feel free to design it using any material.
  • A mutation acting as a support mechanism (so long as it doesn't go outside of the mutation's allowances)

Supports should be provided in this order:
Arm/Legs > Paws > Digits

Once they are removed, a bean cannot get their missing limbs back unless a Phoenix Elixir is purchased 

Plain Coat

  • All JBDs hatch from their eggs without their markings, but their full coats eventually appear after a couple weeks. However rare, sometimes a bean will not develop any of their markings and remain plain permanantly. Beans with these plain coats are called "Plain Beans."
  • Though it's considered a mutation, plain beans can only be made during a MYO's creation using the "Paint Stripper" item.
    • While plain JBDs can come in any color, they will only ever be one color.
    • Please keep in mind you cannot add any markings to your bean if your bean has the Plain Coat trait, even through redesigns or revamps.
    • While they have no markings on their fur and skin, plain beans can have different colors and/or markings on their horns, eyes, claws!




can.pngYOU CAN...

  • Make JBDs inspired by certain media and characters.
    • However, if the design too closely resembles a copyrighted character, you will be asked to change it.
    • Example of a good "inspired by" design
  • Convert a design you own into a JBD.
    • This includes other closed species designs so long as they allow it.
    • Keep in mind the two designs will always be linked together and must be owned by the same owner. (See terms for other rules.)
  • Add accessories to your JBD, but please provide us with a reference of them without their items too!
    • Be sure to let us know which reference you want to be the actively displayed image for the masterlist when doing a design update!
  • Apply potions to your JBD during the approval process.

cant.pngYOU CANNOT...

  • Make JBDs based on copyrighted characters.
    • Depending on how direct a copy your design is, you might be asked to start your design from scratch
    • Example of a design too close to an existing IP
  • Copy other people's designs, JBDs or otherwise.
  • Make an "Unofficial Breeding" of two or more JBDs without the consent of the JBDs owners.
  • Have markings/scars that resemble words.
    • This counts for any language, fictional ones from copyrighted material included. Runes and symbols, however, are okay!
  • Have things like textures (in the sense of having a wrinkled piece of paper photograph as their design), photo collages, or art effects as their design.
  • Publicly show JBD design concepts without the MYO item in your inventory.
  • Redraw the traits already provided with the V2 or V3 lines.




I bought a MYO and designed my JBD, now what?

1. Go to your inventory and select your MYO Ticket item. Click the check box provided and select "Use Item." This will create your MYO slot!
2. Go to your MYO slots (It can be found in your user toolbar to the left) and select the slot you want to give the design to.
3. On the toolbar to the left select "Submit MYO Design" and then "Create Request"
4. In the "Masterlist Image" tab, upload the image of your MYO and fill out the required info for it. Even when using the official bases, you must provide the proper credit for the artist of the drawing and the design.
5. (Optional) In the "Add Ons" tab, open your inventory and select whatever items you are applying to your bean. You must purchase it before you can apply it.
6. In the "Traits" tab, apply all of the traits you're giving your bean, be it one of the standard traits, misc. traits or a potionified trait. Extra comments should not be added beside the traits and should only be added by staff when needed.
7.  Use the "Comments" tab to provide any information or images staff might need to approve the design. This includes things such as boundary boxes (for custom trait approval,) inspiration for the design, or the original design if there is one. Including the original design is NOT optional and must be disclosed to us before submitting the MYO design. Please provide an image of the original design for Masterlist purposes as well as a link to them (original place posted, a TH link, a masterlist link, etc. No links please!)
8. Go back to "Status" to hit submit and your job is done! You'll receive a message once staff has rejected or approved the design.


FRee to use lines

Feel free to use any of our official free to use lines to make your JBD!

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