Claims and Prompts

Created: 25 September 2021, 19:01:39 PDT
Last updated: 29 August 2022, 16:18:21 PDT

What are CLAIMS?

Claims are used to make inventory requests that can't normally be filled automatically by the site. You can use claims to:

  • Fix any masterlist issues you encounter. 
    • Ownership inaccuracies 
    • Trait corrections (not additions)
    • JBD subtype additions
    • Correcting designer/artist of ref
  • Claim items or currency which are owed
  • Fix an error with rewards
  • Bring your old inventory from the DeviantArt group to this website
    • Please use the guide linked above to learn more!

...And anything else you might need us to take a look at! Submit a claim by clicking "Submit"25px-U%2B2192.svg.png "Submit Claim" on the top right of the site.

  • Submission URL or Subject
    A topic such as "Addition of Subtype," or a screenshot of the issue you are encountering
  • Comments
    To explain the issue to us if relevant.
  • Rewards
    Rewards can be added if you are asking for items or currency to be adjusted.
  • Characters
    Add all relevant characters depending on the claim you're submitting.

What are PROMPTS?

Prompts are characterbuilding games that require a user to make art or writing in order to earn tokens (the currency we use in JBDs.) Tokens can be used in any of the Shops to give your JBDs fun and unique traits or to get more JBDs!

You can submit a prompt by clicking "Submit" 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png "Submit Prompt" on the top right of the site.

The form will ask you to fill out the following:

  • Prompt
    The prompt you are entering for
  • Submission URL
    A link to your piece, be it from our official gallery or somewhere that we can access it easily.
  • Comments
    Optional. You can leave this blank.
  • Rewards
    Rewards should fill in automatically! Some prompts may have objectives which reward extras, which you would add manually here.
  • Characters
    Add all characters included in your piece for relevant bonuses!