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Getting Started

Do I need a JBD to join the group?
Of course not, anyone is free to join and play! Our group offers many opportunities for users who are interested in our species to to get a JBD!
How can I make my own JBD?
Jellybean Dragons are a closed species, meaning you cannot make your own without the ownership of a MYO slot. All users can pick up a free Adventurer's Bag at the Build-A-Bean Workshop — this item contains a free Starter MYO to get you started on your Jellybean Dragon adventures!

You can buy more MYOs at the Build-a-Bean Workshop or earn them during special events or prompts!
Do I need to link my deviantart account?
Yes, we require users to link their DA to participate in the species. This is so we can verify accounts that are within our species as legitimate individuals.
How do I edit my JBDs profile?
Editing your bean's profile allows you to do things such as name your JBD, give it a description, and even open them up for gift art/writing!
To do this, select your character 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png Under the "Settings" tab select "Edit Profile" 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png When finished, select the blue "Edit Profile" button to save your changes
How do I transfer my beans to another individual?
Transfering or "gifting" a JBD can be done under your bean's "Settings" tab!
To do this, select your character 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png Under the "Settings" tab select "Transfer" 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png Type the name of the recipient and then provide a reason for the transfer.

This is NOT the area to do trades UNLESS you're doing a three-way trade OR a non-jbd trade!
How do I put a bean up for offers?
Select your character 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png Under the "Settings" tab select "Edit Profile" 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png Click the "Up For Trade" toggle and hit "Edit Profile." This will notify anyone who has your character bookmarked that you are looking for offers on your JBD.
How do I Trade items/jbds with another user?
Go to the "Activities" tab  25px-U%2B2192.svg.png on the dropdown select "Trades" 25px-U%2B2192.svg.png Click "New Trade" and you can start the trade. Once you submit it, the user you are trading with will be able to add their half of the trade and send it back for approval/rejection.
I was a member when the group was on DA/Chickensmoothie. How do I get my old inventory (and JBDs) onto the new website?
Please refer to the Deviantart Inventory Guide on how to get your old inventory (and JBDs) listed under your account if they aren't already!


Species and World

Because JBDs used to be actual dragons, can I draw my bean canonically as a traditional dragon?
Yes, as it can be part of a JBDs canon story that they used to be an actual dragon! All dragons were forcibly changed into JBDs around the same time hundreds of years ago, so most dragons that remember this (regardless of their physical appearance) are going to be very old.
You are free to design actual dragon forms for your JBD to reflect this but these on their own will not be able to be used in the prompts.
Can I design and develop my own creatures in Lentillia?
Of course!
How can I "officially" depict my JBDs?

There are technically a couple ways you can draw your JBD for our group, but we've broken them down into 3 categories!

  • As a normal JBD (classic)
  • As a human (otherwise known as human beans)
  • As a mix of the two in some way
    • Appropriately dubbed "split peas," these forms range between an anthromorphic JBDs to humans with JBD ears and/or tail.

Check out our Bean Forms page for more information!

What does "AU" mean in JBDS?
Users are not bound by the lore set by the species when they create their own personal stories for their characters and those "non-canonical" concepts are referred to as AUs! While these concepts can't be used for prompts (which should remain lore-friendly,) you're still free to share and talk about your AUs within the community!
My bean has a "potential" trait. What does that mean?
A potential trait is a trait that can be added to a JBD later on should a user wish to apply it. This mainly just refers to custom horns as JBDs have the option of not growing horns.
Traits listed as (Potential) do not pass down during breeding as the trait doesn't exist on the JBD yet. 
With this closed species existing, does this mean I can't make my own original fluffy dragon character?
We don't claim to own the concept of dragons with fur, so please do not worry! There are plenty of fluffy dragon characters that exist outside of our group and we in no way are looking to stop you from making your own original fluffy dragon character or species. We only ask that users avoid our specific likeness (using JBD specific anatomy/traits/lore, calling their character a JBD, etc.) to avoid confusion with our species!


Items and Usage

What are Potion Points?
We use potions points (pp) to limit how many traits GA beans or Staff MYOs can have applied to them without the use of potions! They don't have any functionality within the species aside from that!
Why does my bean have a + beside its trait?
This symbol means that that particular trait was added to the JBD using an item! Because potions can be removed at any time, it's good to have a visual representation of this usage on the masterlist.
Why does my bean have Something else listed instead of a +?
When we were first uploading beans to this site we were copying information from the old masterlist before we restructured how we tracked everything, so some JBDs have traits listed like "(Medium Trait Potion (2PP)." We are still working on adjusting everyone's traits!
Can traits not applied via potion be removed for free?
Traits that aren't applied via potion or were given to a MYO upon it's creation can only be removed by giving the bean a new item (like changing custom ears into standard ones with a small trait potion.) For things like mutations or a custom pupil, removal dust would be needed instead.


MYOS and Designs

How do I buy a MYO with USD?
DM a staff member letting us know what you'd like to purchase – getting in contact with one of us is most easily done over Discord or on DA. We will send you an invoice when we have the information we need and once paid we will provide you with your MYO item.
This is only temporary while we add more extensions to the website!
How can I tell if my redesign is too much?
If someone owned the original design and you owned the redesign, would the redesign be considered too similar to stand on its own? Would it be treated as character theft?
If yes, the design is likely to pass for a redesign!
Can I put an already existing design into JBDs?
As long as you own the design, yes, you can! If it's a closed species be sure to check and see if this is alright before doing so and be sure to properly credit the artist wherever applicable.
(Remember that the og design and the jbd will always belong to the same user!)
Can I bring my fursona into JBDs?
No, we do not allow personal fursonas to be brought into the species. Sorry!
Can I take my characters out of the species?
Yes! If there ever comes a time when you wish to leave Jellybean Dragons and use your characters how you please, you are able to retire them from the species. Their Masterlist entry will remain on the site that only staff can access or see, but they are considered removed from the species in all other aspects. JBDs can be unretired at any time without having to buy a new slot to bring them back. Please read our TOS for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Retiring a JBD does not change their resale/trade/voucher allowances. All designs that came from JBDs must still follow those rules, even when removed from the species. Users must be transparent about this, and the design's origins, to any future owners that are given the design. Failure to do so will result in a blacklist for scamming.


Mateships & Breedings

How do I include more JBDs in an existing Mateship?
Simply submit all the characters involved in the mateship to Mateship Records and give them all x1 wedding ring. We look back on the prompt submission to confirm which beans are involved in the mateship, so only giving the new bean a ring doesn't work!
Can JBDs of the same sex have offspring together?
They can! JBDs reproduce through some type of love magic, so it doesn't matter what gender, sex, or sexuality your JBD is! The only limit is that only two beans can breed at one time.
Can my JBD's adopted child be included in their Design Lineage?
We use the design lineage function only to track where NBs/NBMYOs designs' come from and not as a family tree for users' character relationships. Users do not have to consider anyone within the lineage as their JBDs canon relatives/family and of COURSE can have canon family not listed on their lineage. (Keep in mind that even if characters aren't related in your canon, we still consider design lineages as a family in their own right and breeding them together is prohibited.)
My JBD has bred before, but I don't want them to be a parent/grandparent/etc. What can I do?
You are free to develop your bean as any kind of character you want and you're not required to have them actually be related to any of the offspring their designs make. While we use the design lineage to prevent inbreeding (as in, your JBD cannot breed with any character within its design lineage,) that is the extent that breeding has to effect your JBD. 

Users also have the option remove their owned parent JBD from any of its NBs/NMYOs’ design lineages if they no longer wish for a NB/NMYO to be associated with their character’s design. Check out our TOS for more information!

If you are found abusing this freedom to create illegal relationships on purpose, you will be removed from the species and nursery bean designs may be completely deleted depending on the circumstances.

The gallery, Prompts, and User Made Works

Why are some galleries marked with a ✨?
That symbol indicates that any user made works submitted to those galleries will award tokens! The amount of tokens depends on the type of work submitted, which can be found in the description of each gallery.
Can we submit collaborated pieces for tracer's?
If you would like to, you may! Choose one person to submit it and credit the other user as a participent split the tokens amongst yourselves, but we won't accept collab work by both people or submitted as two users!
Can we submit collaborated pieces for Prompts?
Prompts must be completed by each user individually unless specifically stated otherwise!
Can I submit art of my bean's human bean forms and split pea forms?
Yes! Drawing your beans as anthros, humans, kemonomimi, etc. are all valid ways to depict your character for the group (including our gallery!) All we ask that the more humanoid forms still resemble their JBD form in some way, since that is the "true" form of your bean!
Help! I can't delete my artwork!
There is no way to actually delete any work you upload to the website, but you can hide it from public view using the "archive" function in the upper right of your upload. (Don't worry, you can unarchive it at any point!) You could also upload something to replace the artwork itself if you wish to hide it that way!



I messed up my submission/claim/design update. What do I do?
If we spot a mistake we will reject/cancel it and send it back to you to fix, no worries! If we accept the mistake, you are free to submit a follow up explaining your issue through a claim. We'll be more than happy to fix it then! (Since there is no way to edit these things after submitting them, it's important that you double check everything before sending it off for approval!)
Do you have a blacklist? Is it public?
We do have a blacklist, but we don't provide this information to the public. If you're concerned about something, please send us a message and we can help you out!


Questions and answers will be added as they arise! 
Shoot us a message if your question wasn't answered!

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