Bean Forms

Created: 14 March 2022, 12:12:38 PDT
Last updated: 27 December 2022, 07:39:18 PST


Jellybean Dragons

After their sudden transformation into the docile creatures known as Jellybean Dragons, beans from all walks of life tried to undo the curse that was brought upon them by the enchantress. While their efforts eventually led to the infamous creation of mutation potions, it quickly became clear that, no matter what, beans would never be able to turn back into the dragons of old.

Human Bean

Humans, like Jellybean Dragons, are magic-less, flightless beings that can be found nearly everywhere. After multiple failed attempts at trying to undo the enchantress' curse, beans have had to rely on these beings to survive in a world where their power and might was no more. 

In order to get closer to humans and learn their secrets, most potion brewers abandoned their goal of changing back into dragons and instead began developing special types of cosmetic potions — ones that would allow a Jellybean Dragon to take the form of a human being! (Or in JBD terms, a human bean!) 

While most humans generally have a subdued color palette, human beans seem to retain their bean coloration in their hair, eyes, and nails (though this is not always the case)! Aside from minor markings on the skin that carry over from their bean form, human beans will only ever have normal human skin colors.

Even the most advanced potion maker has trouble making beans look 100% human,
so most beans in their human forms have some kind of giveaway that reveals their true draconic nature. (Slit pupils, sharp teeth/claws, the sudden temporary appearance of ears and tails, mutations, etc.)

Split Peas

Unfortunately, “human bean” potions are extremely difficult for everyday beans to make. It takes a very skilled potion maker to brew one properly, and when that potion isn’t made to the exact specifications, beans can end up having a varied mix of both human traits and JBD traits. These forms are referred to "split peas" and they can range anywhere between anthromorphic JBDs to humans with JBD ears and tails. For classification purposes, there are four general styles of split peas:

Anthro Style

Perhaps the most common of the split pea forms is the anthromorphic (anthro) style. As relying on humans became less and less of a necessity, beans began greatly preferring this form over their human forms since the only thing human about it is the bipedal anatomy. This allowed beans to retain their human-like interests without having to shed their fur, though in rare instances the body of this form can present as fully or mostly human — this can give the form a more "minotaur-like" look. This form can have either plantigrade or digigrade legs.

Werebean Style

Werebean style split peas have a mixed amount of JBD features and human features, and always have a human face (though there might be a bit more fur here or there.) The arms and legs of this form present as jellybean dragon arms and legs, but sometimes only the legs or only the arms are affected. Some werebeans are very hairy, some are not — the amount of fur that appears on the body varies from bean to bean. With all limbs affected, this form can switch between bipedal and quadrupedal anatomy with ease!

Beantaur Style

Beantaurs, as the name suggests, are centaur style beans. This form gives a bean an upper body and arms of a human and the lower body and legs of...well, a bean! Due to the inconvenience of the anatomy, it's very rare to see a JBD taking on this form.

kemonomimi Style

Kemonomimi style beans look like completely normal humans aside from the extra addition of bean ears and tails. This used to be a very disliked form for a JBD to take, but in recent years it has become quite popular for the young JBD crowd because of human media. Some even say this form rivals that of the pure human bean form!