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Welcome to the Jellybean Dragon website! Here you will be able to participate in the species through art, writing, and discussion!
This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started!

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 Jellybean Dragons are fluffy, colorful dragons that hatch from a jellybean-like egg (hence the name.) Their fur is soft and long, usually brightly colored, neat, and shiny. They come in a wide arrange of colors, sizes and personalities — no two JBDs are the same!

JBDs were created on a pet-collecting website on July 20th, 2011 (that's over 10 years ago, wow!) by our founder, Dalmatier. We consider our anniversery to be November 25th as that was when our first "adoption center" was made. A lot has changed over the many years we've been around, but we have managed to retain a very strong fanbase of users throughout it all— even some who have been with us since the very first JBD adopts!

We're a community that's driven by the love we have for our characters and their stories, and we would love to have you join us!


How to make your account

You must have a deviantart account to register to the site. Before signing up, be sure to check out our ToS!
Once you have your account, you'll be able to start doing prompts and  participating in events! How exciting!

  • Create your username for the site.
    • Users don't have to use the same username as their deviantart, but using a similar alias will make it easier for us and other users  to find you!
    • Usernames cannot be NSFW or contain spaces!
  • Your username can be changed later by contacting a mod.
  • The verification email can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours to send depending on our site activity. Please be patient!
    • Also Be sure to check your junk/spam folders.
  • It's best to use a gmail account for our site as our servers have issues sending emails to other providers.
  • Do not use hotmail, outlook, or yahoo accounts.
  • Log in and then navigate to [your username]>settings>aliases. Follow the instructions to verify your DeviantArt account.
  • If you own any jellybean dragons already, make sure you're linking to the deviantArt account associated with your character on the old jbdmasterlist! You'll be able to change your primary account later.
  • We cannot complete this step for you, nor do we have acess to the accounts themselves or the information within them.


How to Get a Jellybean Dragon

★ Grab your very own Adventurer's Bag

  • The Adventurer's Bag is an item that contains a Starter MYO ticket and 100 tokens (in game currency) to start you out on your journey! Each player is limited to only one of these bags.

Purchase an adopt/design ★

  • JBDs will occasionally be put up for sale or auction by our artists/guest artists. These sales will be announced in the "Sale" tab. Alternatively, you can also commission one of our official artists to design you a JBD! You can check the status of our artist's commissions over at Bespoke Beans.

★ Buy a standard MYO ★

Enter Raffles and Participate in Events ★

  • During large events there will occasionally be contests and/or raffles where you can win a JBD. Sometimes we may offer Shiny MYO Tickets, which allow your bean to have different traits than the Standard MYO ticket!

Trade/Resale ★

  • There are many pre-owned JBDs that are looking for loving homes! You can find these JBDs under the "open trade status" here on the site, in the readopts discord channel, or the JBD toyhouse tag!

☆ Relevant Guides ☆

Build-A-Bean (Traits + Design Rules) 



How to Get Tokens

Tokens are the in-game currency we use in JBDs. Tokens will allow you to buy items from the shop to give your bean new and fantastical traits!
Use the submission guide to learn what qualifies for prompts and how to submit your artwork to prompts and the gallery!

★ Completing Prompts ★

  • Prompts are character building activities that can be completed through art or writing. Some prompts are available year round while others will come and go with events. Completing prompts not only yields tokens, but may also give users potions, badges, or other fun rewards! You can find all Prompt Categories here. (Click on the magnifying glass to view the prompts within each category.)

Make a Reference of your JBD ★

  • Simply making your own reference for your JBD will earn you 50 tokens right off the bat. You can submit these references in the reference sheet gallery.

★ Tracer's Gallery ★

  • Just by drawing Jellybean Dragons, either your own or ones owned by others, you can earn varying amounts of tokens by submitting that art to Tracer's Gallery.

★ Re-sell unwanted items ★

  • Sometimes you may obtain items you really have no use for when doing prompts or participating in events. If that's the case, you can always resell these items for their shop worth!

☆ Relevant Guides ☆

Submissions Guidelines  Claims and Prompts 


Other activities

★ Develop your JBDs ★

  • Just like any other character, your JBD is yours to do whatever you like with. Name them, draw them, write stories about them — the sky's the limit! Our Scrapbooking prompts offer users tokens when they develop their JBD!

★ Change Your JBD's Traits ★

  • Purchase potions and other magical items to give your JBD different traits! Be sure to check out our Potion Usage Guide to see what each potion is capable of.

★ Breed your JBDs ★

  • Once you've obtained at least two JBDs, you will have the ability to breed them! You can also breed your JBDs with someone else's JBD if you so wish! Check out our breeding guide for more information.

★ Make design changes to your JBDs ★

  • If you're looking to make changes to your beloved character, look no further than our Refresh & Reset guide! Some changes are free while more extreme ones require specific items!

★ Become a Guest Artist ★

  • During random times of the year we will open up Guest artist positions! Try your hand at designing JBDs for the community!

☆ Relevant Guides ☆

Refresh & Reset Guide  Breeding Guide  Nursery Bean Revamp Guide


Need anything?

If you're still unsure about anything, don't hesititate to contact a staff member!
You can also check our FAQ to see if we've answered your question there or ask us a question through discord.
We hope to see you around!


New to the site but not to JBDS? Don't worry, we have you covered!
After making your account, check out this guide to get your old inventory and beans onto the site if they aren't already!

link to discord  link to deviantart group  link to suggestions box  information hub

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