Potion Usage Guide

Created: 24 October 2021, 18:10:34 PDT
Last updated: 24 October 2022, 07:30:36 PDT

Trait Potions

Trait potions have the ability to change the entirety of these 3 base traits: Body, Ears and Tail Tuft.

Small Trait Potion

Costs 20 tokens

Changes one of the sections into a different corresponding standard trait. (Normal fur to short fur, for example.)

  • Can also give your bean mixed fur or two different standard ears (to create a mismatched ear look.)
    • Does not work on standard horns as they can be added, removed and changed freely.
  • Can also be used to turn a given custom trait (meaning one that was not given to a JBD via potion) into a standard one.

StandardFur.png25px-U%2B2192.svg.png ShortFur.png

Medium trait potion

Costs 30 tokens

  • Gives your bean custom fur OR custom ears OR a custom tail tuft.
  • Can also give your bean a "short tail."

StandardFur.png25px-U%2B2192.svg.png CustomFur.gif

Large trait potion

Costs 90 tokens

  • Gives your bean custom fur, ears AND tail tuft. (Meaning all 3 sections can be changed at once.)
  • Can also give your bean a "short tail." (Must forgo one of the above sections to apply at the same time)

StandardFur.png25px-U%2B2192.svg.png CustomFur.gif

NormalTuft.png25px-U%2B2192.svg.png CustomTuft.gif

Trait Potion Maximum Limits

*Note: The visuals provided are merely vague example of what is deemed as the maximum overall. As long as the trait isn't pushing the boundary too much/is isolated to a couple areas, you can go outside of the boundaries


Hair Potions

While not every bean has hair, many beans feel that having hair allows them to fully express themselves!
Hair can be any texture or style and can be completely restyled so long as it doesn't exceed its size boundary.

Short Hair Potion

Costs 40 tokens

  • Gives your JBD short hair OR a short beard

Small Hair Potion Limits

*Short hair shouldn't extend past these boundaries on a JBD

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Medium Hair Potion

Costs 65 tokens

  • Allows the addition of medium hair (red and blue section) OR a medium beard (yellow section).

Medium Hair Potion Limits





*This box should be able to fit any of the options the potion can provide
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Long Hair Potion

Costs 90 tokens

  • Allows the addition of long hair (red and blue section) OR a long beard (yellow section).

Long Hair Potion Limits

*This box should be able to fit any of the options the potion can provide
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Horn Potions

Horn Amplify Potion

65 tokens for Custom Horn Potion
35 tokens for Horn Amplify Potion

  • Custom Horn Potion (right): Gives your JBD custom horns. This can be in the form of a unihorntwo horns or a maximum of 3 horns.
  • Horn Amplify Potion (left): Can only be applied on horns that are already custom regardless of how obtained. Raises the maximum custom horn count from 3 horns to 6 horns total when paired with a custom horn potion.
    • If your bean already has six horns, this item won't do anything.


Horn Potion Limits

*The horns must fit in the box provided and must be on the top of a JBD's head. The boundary itself can be moved around, but cannot be tilted or rotated!  (One horn per box)


Pupil Potion

Pupil Potion

55 Tokens

  • Allows users to give their JBD  unique pupils
    • This potion cannot add multiple pupils to one eye. "Conjoined" pupils are connected and not two separate pupils.
    • This potion also does not change the iris shape or remove the iris.
    • To give your bean multiple pupils or change/remove the iris,  check out the mutation "Abnormal Eyes."



Removal Dust

Removal Dust

Costs 25 tokens

Can remove one of a JBD's non-standard traits and replace it with a standard one.
Non-standard traits includes things like custom traits, hair, custom horns, unique pupils, and mutations.

  • This is only for JBDs who were made with non-standard traits upon creation.
    • If your JBD gained their traits through potion usage, you do not need to use this item and can remove the trait freely!
  • Does not "remove" free traits as they can also be removed freely.



Mutation potions

Mutation potions

300 tokens (one mutation type per potion)

  • Simply put, Mutation Potions give JBDs any of the available mutations.
  • While most beans believe mutations are odd, new developments in the genes of a few individuals, mutations are actually traits of the original dragons reappearing within the species through some unknown means. Mutation potions don’t actually “give” beans mutations from nothing…it’s more like they “unlock” traits that are deeply hidden away within each individual bean.
  • Mutations are unpredictable and wild, but like any potion they still have their limits. Each mutation's encyclopedia entry explains what they can and cannot do!
  • While it's listed as a mutation, the Plain Coat trait cannot be added with a mutation potion.
  • Due to the illegality of mutation potions in the kingdom, only one vendor dares to sell them.


Click to see the full mutation list


How to Apply Potions

1. Go to the JBD you want to apply the potion to.
2. In their settings (in the left toolbar) select "Update Design"
3. In the "Masterlist Image" tab, upload the image of your potionifed JBD and fill out the required info for it.
Even when using the official bases, you must provide the proper credit for the artist of the drawing and the design. Save each time before leaving a tab!
4. In the "Add Ons" tab, open your inventory and select the potion that you are applying to your bean. You must purchase it before you can apply it.
5. In the "Traits" tab, simply add the trait which you are adding to your JBD with the potion and remove the trait it cancels out if there is one. (EX: Custom ears replace standard ears)
Mark down any traits applied with a potion with a "+." Any extra comments should not be added beside the traits and should only be added by staff when needed.
Don't forget to save before leaving this tab!
6. (Optional) Use the "Comments" tab to provide any information or images staff might need to approve the potion usage. The closer the trait is to the max limits the more likely staff will need additional information.
7. Go back to "Status" to hit submit and your job is done! You'll recieve a message once staff has rejected or approved the submission.

Note: Traits applied with a potion can be removed for free, but once removed you'll have to buy another potion if you want to put the trait back on!