Revamping Nursery Beans

Created: 21 November 2021, 18:20:43 PST
Last updated: 1 December 2022, 08:54:27 PST

While nursery beans (NBs and NMYOs) are able to have their designs refreshed like normal JBDs, some revamp items have different effects on them due to their linage!
Refer to the following designs for this guide!

Parent Designs

Nursery DESIGN

When Applying Color Change Dye...

You will be able to create an entirely new pallet for your bean based on the parent's colors.
The colors don't have to literally be mixed from the parents, but the outcome of your pallets should believably come from them!

When applying the Magic Mirror...

You will be able to completely redo the nursery bean's breeding based on the designs used at the time of the original breeding.
You can also use the parents' current designs if they have had revamp items applied to them, but only with the permission of current owners!


How to Apply Revamp Item Changes

1. Go to the JBD you want to change the design of.
2. In their settings (in the left toolbar) select "Update Design"
3. In the "Masterlist Image" tab, upload the image of your revamped JBD and fill out the required info for it. You must provide the proper credit for the artist of the drawing and the design.
(Be sure to save before switching to a new tab each time!)

4. In the "Add Ons" tab, open your inventory and select the item(s) that you are applying to your bean. You must purchase it before you can apply it.
5. (If relevant) In the "Traits" tab, simply adjust the desired traits you are changing with the revamp item. Don't forget to save!
6. (Optional) Use the "Comments" tab to provide any information or images staff might need to approve the item usage. This is especially helpful for the Phoenix Elixir item.
6. Go back to "Status" to hit submit and your job is done! You'll receive a message once staff has rejected or approved the submission.