Getting your Deviantart Inventory and JBDs

Created: 20 October 2021, 20:06:21 PDT
Last updated: 9 March 2023, 21:51:25 PST

 This guide is only for users who were originally part of the DeviantArt group for JBDs!

Carrying over your inventory

This is the guide for bringing your old inventory from DA onto this website! Using the old bank for reference, submit a claim with all of the items in your current inventory along with any tokens you have.
(Your beans will automatically be attached to your account once you join.)

Don't know what a claim is? Click here!


Since moving to the website, the following items no longer have a place within our new system, so we will be replacing them with tokens. Below is the conversion chart you can use for when you submit a claim.

  • Twin potions = 150 tokens
  • Extra breeding tickets = 150 tokens
  • Unused slots from questing = 120 tokens each
    • (Subtract the amount of beans you have from the amount of total slots you have to get the total. If you never did questing, do not worry about this!) 
  • Phase II of questing = 120 tokens
    • (Simply link us to the JBD's Deviantart ML page so we can verify the completed second stage and award the tokens!)
  • Amplify potions = 65 tokens
  • Honorable Mentions = 40 tokens each
  • No-list mutation potion = 450 tokens each
Beans acquired Before Joining Website

If you acquired a JBD before joining us (or you gave away a bean currently listed as yours), you will also be able to get these characters under the correct ownership.
This is possible without the other user being registered on the website, but we still require you to have feasible proof of purchase/trade/confirmation from the original owner.*

  • Feasible proof can be any of the following:
    • Transfer of ownership through the old JBD masterlist
    • A screenshot of a paypal Invoice/payment
    • Toyhouse ownership logs (if transferred to you by the original owner)
    • A screenshot of messages confirming the transaction/trade/gifting.
      • Be sure any transactions/trades are complete before claiming ownership. We will not assist in incomplete trades.

*If both users are already on the website, please use the trade function or the normal transfering tool accordingly! Transferring can be found on every individual character's toolbar.


Please provide us the following in a claim so we can make them a post:

  • Original post of the JBD
    • The original post is the very first instance of the bean's creation. 
  • Current reference for the ML 
    • Please make sure the reference you give us is accessory free! You can provide an accessory reference alongside the "naked" one.
  • Proof of ownership (if you have recieved this JBD from someone)
  • (NURSERY BEANS ONLY) Links to their parents
    • Masterlist post links are ideal, but if you can't find that provide us a link to their original CS post
  • Links to any children/nursery beans (that you know of)
    • The link to the original breeding post + ML posts if available

All beans that were listed on the old JBDMasterlist are on the website. If you are having trouble finding them, try searching for them under their last recorded owner from the JBDMasterlist!

Before we went on hiatus, we were uploading JBDs to our ML while also running the species. As such, a couple JBDs that have been uploaded are outdated in comparison to the Deviantart Masterlist (DAML.) If your JBD is one of those few, please do the following:

1. Go to the JBD that needs to be updated.
2. In their settings (in the left toolbar) select "Update Design"
3. In the "Masterlist Image" tab, upload the correct image of your JBD and fill out the required info for it. Save each time before leaving a tab!

4. In the "Traits" tab, update the traits to what they should be. If the trait was applied via potion usage (the bean's DAML entry should mention potion points) add a "+" beside the trait.
Any extra comments should not be added beside the traits and should only be added by staff when needed.
Don't forget to save before leaving this tab!
5. IMPORTANT: Use the "Comments" tab to link us to the JBDs DAML entry so we can verify the traits.
6. Go back to "Status" to hit submit and your job is done! You'll recieve a message once staff has rejected or approved the submission.

To make things more consistent moving forward (and easier for us to keep to our current system of operations) we will no longer be updating JBDs based on approvals given prior to shutdown if they weren’t already approved on the Deviantart Masterlist (DAML.) If you have gotten an approval in the past but the DAML of your JBD hasn’t been updated to reflect these changes, the window of opportunity to apply these changes has unfortunately passed and you will need the appropriate items/go to the correct submissions area to get them approved again. 

*This does NOT include traits given through potion application that were forgotten to be updated/listed on our end.
How to fill out the form
  • Submission URL
    Feel free to leave blank.
  • Comments
    Label the claim "Carrying over Inventory" or "Acquiring Beans" accordingly.
    (Please break these up into two different claims!)
    If you have any retired items, this is where you'd add them so we will know where the extra tokens are coming from. (EX:  x2 Twin Potions = 300 tokens)
    You can also use this to link us to screenshots proving ownership of any shutdown acquired JBDs.
  • Rewards
    This is where you will add all of your rewards/items from DA. Staff will double check all of these, so don't worry about messing up!
    (Note: Edit potions = Trait potions)
  • Characters
    Use this to add any JBDs you have received during shutdown.
    You can find the beans through our masterlist by looking up the current owner's DA username.
    (If you are still having trouble finding them, try searching for them under their last recorded owner from the JBDMasterlist!)

You'll receive a message once staff has rejected or approved the submission! Once approved, you are free to use your tokens and items as normal.