Staff Members

Created: 17 November 2021, 20:27:55 PST
Last updated: 20 January 2023, 19:00:55 PST


(A Jellybean Dragon god, perhaps????)

dal ✧ she/her ✧ species owner/founder ✧ top dog


They make sure everyone is having safe good fun here in JBDland!


star ✧ she/her ✧ eats cold mcnuggets

HEY HEY I'm Star! I like coke zero and hate thinking! 🐯


kudo ✧ god ✧ men want them fish fear them

hi im kudo and i really like fishing. talk to me about spore spice trading and terraforming 🌻


jinx ✧ she/her ✧ three cryptids stacked up in a trench coat 

hello! I'm jinx and all I know is horror movies and bad conspiracy theories 🛸


optimism ✧ she/her ✧ kisses frogs in her spare time

what's the difference between a lobster with breast implants, and an old bus stop? Ones a busty crustacean and one's a crusty bus station! ☀️




They make sure no one is evading their taxes


mewbie ✧ she/her ✧ the baby

hello, I’m mew (•ᴥ-)/✨liker of all things cute and prettie…and pink. unlike the real mew, I unfortunately, am not the ancestor of all pokémon 💖


miikis ✧ they/them ✧ tok-tok for life

Long time listener, first time caller! Always love to talk about the weather, moss, and answer any of your banking  quandaries during business hours! 🌿💜


raven ✧ she/her ✧ made an entire website for their beans 

Gamer girl, amateur writer and banker extraordinaire! 🐣



phantom ✧ a ghost ✧ silent but deadly


forever ✧ she/her ✧ forever at work 

literally knows like every JBD in existance




Our beautiful talented amazing bean designers who keep the population of beanland afloat


kavlri ✧ the cool one ✧


bellumi ✧ she/her ✧ somehow going to both heaven and hell



spark-platinum ✧ she/her ✧ ocean man take me by the hand take m

✨ hello I am Spark, I love music, stars, the ocean, bunnies and gaming.  I am here to hoard beans but also create them....but mainly hoard them. ✨

RIP my slot hoard, I will forever be the champion. 



zach ✧ they/them ✧ suite life on deck

i make sure star dies bc she keeps telling me i need to be fired

Website Coder/Developer

When one of us breaks the site he makes it all nice and prett(ier)!


jun ✧ he/him ✧ helps caterpillars cross the road

Happy to help with your bugs, errors. and typos!
also available to talk about spore spice trading and/or speedrunning


Lore and Story Developer

The literal lorekeeper!!!!! He is the primary developer of the lore and story of JBDs!


osteoh ✧ he/him ✧ werewolves and werewolf accessories

i make beans. usually happy to help with nursery designs if not
already busy.