Terms of Service

Terms of Service

 This document contains the Terms of Service for the Jellybean Dragon Species, Lorekeeper, group JBDOfficial, and all other official JBD affiliations.


1. Participation

  • Jellybean Dragons were created by dalmatier in 2011, and are considered a closed species. Users are not allowed to create their own without permission or a MYO item.
  • By adopting a Jellybean Dragon or participating in our group via jellybeandragons.com, deviantart, discord, or any official JBD affiliated space you are agreeing to these rules, and will be subject to the listed consequences if you do not abide by them. We reserve the right to deny access to our group, adoptables, and community for any users that refuse to abide by this TOS.
  • You must be 16 years or older to be part of the JBD group. Content posted to official JBD affiliations (Website, DA group, discord, etc.) must remain PG-13.
    • Content that is deemed unfit for this rating will be removed on any of our official platforms.
  • JBDs operate on a warning and strike system. A warning will be given on the first offence, and if that warning is not heeded a strike will follow after. 3 strikes eventually lead to a ban. 
    • A strike given to a user will fade after one year. If a second strike is given within that year, those strikes will take another year to fade. A third strike within the timespan of having two will warrant a ban, temporary or permanent depending on the circumstance.
    • In more severe cases, such as scamming or harassment, the situation might skip strikes altogether and instead be met with a ban.
  • If you receive a ban (temporary or permanent) from Jellybean Dragons, you are still allowed to keep your JBD characters. However, you will be forbidden from interacting with any aspect of the group, including any events, shops, the nursery, and our discord community. Your account will be frozen and you will not be able to acquire any additional JBDs. You are, however, allowed to gift, trade, resell, or readopt your JBDs. You will still need to ask for approval for giftings or readoptions through staff before you do so.
    •  It is possible for users to receive partial bans that apply only to obtaining more JBDs or interacting with the community.
  • Users are prohibitted from using tracking scripts like hit counters on our website
  • By agreeing to our TOS, you do not hold Jellybean Dragons or its staff liable for any losses you encounter by recieveing a strike or a ban. 
  • If you are a returning player from Deviantart or chickensmoothie, see the Deviantart Inventory Guide on how to bring over your old inventory.
  • We are aware that there might be things our rules do not cover. This does not mean you are automatically allowed to do something that we have not addressed. If you’re in a situation that our rules are not clear about, ask JBD staff first and respect the answer given.

2. JBD Community Guidelines

  • Illegal, harmful or hateful content is not condoned. Participating or showing support for such content (such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, abelism, pedophilia, beastiality, etc.) will lead you to being blacklisted from the species, and we reserve the right to deny service to those associated with such content.
  • Treat staff with respect as you would with any community member. Being nasty or being excessively argumentative with them for doing their job will lead to warnings, strikes, or even bans.
    • Providing constructive critism to us does not count as being argumentative, though users should still be kind when proividing it to us. We are always looking to make JBDs a better place for all users!
  • Harrassment, block-evading, and bullying are not tolerated. Respect other users.
  • We do not tolerate the encouragement or participation of drama, trolling, or exploitation of existing rules within JBDs. Be considerate of the community and the species.
  • Do not attempt to offer bribes to staff or other members of the community in exchange for "favors," such as being chosen to win a JBD contest or being secretly picked during a raffle.
  • You may not use JBDs that do not belong to you without permission, or claim them to be your own. This includes taking assets made for other users characters and using them for yourself.
  • No spamming. This includes reposting the same messages over and over, or repeated sending of the same message to users.
  • Do not mini-mod; if you're having any kind of community issue, please report it to staff.
  • Please do not inquire about joining the staff team unless we've posted about such a position being open.
  • Do not message users, inactive users included, to make unsolicited offers for JBDs, tokens, or items. 

3. JBD Ownership and Usage

  • In order to adopt a Jellybean Dragon, you must have an account registered to this website. Individuals are limited to one participating account and cannot make another. Evading this rule for any reason will result in an immediate ban.
    • You must have an active account in creative social media (ex. dA, TH, forums). We reserve the right to deny service to inactive, empty, or brand-new accounts.
    • You must have a deviantart linked to your account to be eligible for participation. If you wish to switch your linked DA account, contact a JBD staff member.
  • Jellybean Dragons cannot be co-owned. The owner listed on the JBD's masterlist page is the only officially recognized owner.
  • If a JBD is not yet listed in the masterlist, or is listed but has not yet been officially updated in your name, you are still able to talk about and use the JBD for personal art or stories, as long as there is sufficient proof that you own the JBD. This would include things such as: proof of transfer of ownership on our old ownership archive, an announcement for a contest where you're declared the winner, or a linked chickensmoothie account that lists the bean under your name.
  • If a JBD is being transferred, but the transfer claim has not yet been approved, please wait to use the JBD until the claim goes through.
  • By adopting a Jellybean Dragon, you are awarded with the ability to use your Jellybean Dragon's design within our group's rules, and as your own personal character. This includes: the ability to add additional traits to your JBD or editing their design and using your JBD in group prompts and events.
  • You are also allowed to use your JBD for personal stories outside the group and in AUs (Alternate Universes.) AU art or stories do not need to adhere to JBD canon, and can involve your bean having special powers or strange traits they cannot normally have. However, AU art or stories cannot be submitted as entries for any official JBD prompts, events, or quests.
  • Adopting/purchasing a Jellybean Dragon does not grant you the ability to: use as a representation of yourself/as a fursona, use for commercial purposes, or create additional JBDs based on your own JBD. Dalmatier retains ownership of the species regardless of how the design is used.
  • You may use your JBD's design as one off characters or in other closed species groups.
    • If you wish to create an alternate species version of your JBD's design within another closed species, you must let JBD staff as well as the other group know of the existance of the other "half" of the design.
    • Once your JBD's design is present in multiple groups, all versions of the design must stay together. You cannot sell your JBD version of the design and your alternate species version of the design to two different people. They must always belong to the same user.
    • The original artist must receive credit for the design wherever it is applicable. (On Toyhou.se entries, on the other species' masterlist if applicable, etc.)
    • Failure to correctly credit the original artist will result in a strike. You will have one week to fix the problem. If you fail to fix the issue, you may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban.
  • You cannot permanently remove a JBD from the species, but you can retire them.
    • JBDs that were previously removed from the species (when it was something that was allowed) cannot use any JBD references drawn by Dalmatier and the key species traits should be changed as to avoid confusion with those who wish to purchase the characters. Removed JBDs may only be brought back with the use of an MYO.

4. Purchases AND Artist Guidelines

  • Payment for any design must be delivered within 24 hours (unless discussed with artist prior). If payment is not sent in time, the design will go back up for resale or be given to the last bidder.
  • JBDs have a max flatsale/auction price of $500 - this does not include commission prices for MYOs offered by non-official jbd artists or other individuals.
  • An artist will specify if they accept payment plans. Payment plans will only be offered for purchases over $200 and there can only be 3 separate installments. All installments must be paid within one month.  JBDs have a $50 nonrefundable fee for payment plans. Keep this in mind when you start installments on your payment plans!
  • 10% of all sales go to dalmatier.
  • Guest Artists are unofficial artists who are given the right to design a certain amount of JBDs per round, which will be disclosed before the round opens for entries. All GAs are hand selected from this form which re-opens randomly or during special events.
  • Just like Official Artists, GAs can host contests for, raffle, sell, or even auction the designs they make. Each bean has a price cap of $500. 10% of all sales go back to JBDs/dalmatier.
  • 100% of proceeds from charity sales/auctions will go to the charity specified.
  • All sales are final. Issuing refunds (without prior discussion with the artist) or chargebacks will result in a removal of our species.

5. Group Usage and Design Alterations

  • In order to use your JBD within the group, including (but not limited to) using potions to add traits to your bean, registering your bean and their mate, breeding your bean, Tracer's Art Booth, Finder's Questing, and in-group events, your bean must be registered on Lorekeeper Masterlist and listed under your name.
  • If the JBD has no masterlist entry, please submit a claim with all relevant information of your bean and their current reference sheet as well as proof of ownership.
  • Any alterations to your official JBD's reference that involve trait changes/mutation additions must be approved here before they can be uploaded and freely used. For dalmatier lines, this also includes (but is not limited to) adding new traits (free or otherwise), and restyling hair. Unapproved references found anywhere (toyhouse, DA, etc) will ask to be removed.
  • You may add accessories to your JBD's official reference image, but we ask that a reference without the items is provided first.
    • You can upload a ref with the items after the initial design approval!
  • For design and trait clarity, do not add shading to V2 or V3 references or redraw/trace any of their official lineart.
    • You can add shading to custom refs, but we do ask that if the design is unclear that you also provide an unshaded ref!
  • There are a handful of traits which can be added for free - this means without the use of potions. These traits can be found here. Traits in other categories are not included unless you have the proper potion in your bank. Potions can be found at Keeper's Shop.
  • You cannot add non-standard horns without a potion unless they are listed on your JBD's masterlist page as a trait that's available to them.
  • You can bring an already existing design into the species, but we ask that you only apply the design to NMYOs only when they can pass as offspring of the parent beans. If your design doesn’t pass as offspring, you will be asked to put it in a normal MYO slot instead.
  • By creating a design within our species (as an artist, guest artist, etc.), you acknowledge that your design may be altered for any reason. These reasons may range from use of potions to change a bean's appearance to a full revamp of the design.
  • A JBDs design can have slight color changes, design modifications and so forth for free so long as the original design's integrity is kept. Check out the Design Refresh & Reset Guide to see examples of some things you can do.
  • Changes falling outside of this rule can be made by purchasing items from the Style Salon.
  • Design revamps or changes are not official until an Update Design request is approved.
  • The Magic Mirror is an item that allows for a complete change of a JBD's design (or a rebreeding of a NB/NMYO design). This item exists so that users can change the design of their character without being restricted solely to the free redesign changes. It is encouraged to only use this item on characters you have owned for a long time and only when it's the last resort for maintaining a connection to your character.
    • Users may not use the allowance this item gives to be disrespectful towards the original designer's design.
    • The original design of a JBD, after the Magic Mirror item is used on them, becomes an inactive form of that character and cannot be deleted or removed from their ML entry. Any previous iteration of the design can be brought back as the active design with the use of a Phoenix Elixir item.
    • If you, as a designer, are not comfortable with your designs being changed past the point of recognizability, we suggest not allowing your designs to be brought into JBDs.

6. Make-Your-Owns (MYOs)

  • The only way to make your own JBD is through the use of a Make-Your-Own ticket.
  • Make-Your-Owns, otherwise referred to as MYOs, can be purchased with both USD and tokens.
    • When purchased with tokens, MYO tickets cannot be resold. Only traded or gifted.
    • Tickets purchased with USD can be resold, traded or gifted.
  • It is allowed for users to have other users design their JBD for them, but the price of commissioning a design doesn't carry over to the value of the slot.
  • JBDs do allow people to make a JBD form of an already existing character they own given that the artist allows multiple forms of the same character. The characters must always belong to the same owner.
    • If a character is brought into JBDs and put into a MYO slot, the resale price will always be based on the first form (even if the slot was purchased with USD.) 
      • This also means if a character's value is $0, the design cannot be resold even if placed in a slot that was purchased with USD.
      • If you put your character into JBDs, your character's ML entry (regardless of slot type) will be set to "cannot be resold." It is up to the indiviudal user to keep track of the original character's value as we do not update the JBD's ML entry with the original character's value!
  • It is highly discouraged to buy designs (especially other closed species designs) for the sole purpose of putting them into JBDs, even if the artist is okay with it.  Please consider comissioning your favorite designers for a JBD design when you have the MYO item instead! 
    • Likewise, you are not allowed to advertise your designs as “JBD transferrable."
  • It's highly discouraged to obtain MYO tickets with the intent of designing something to trade up for, inside or outside the group. Do not abuse the resale/trade allowances we have in place to profit off of other players.

7. Jellybean Dragon Mates and Breeding

  • While users may roleplay, draw and develop their characters as any age at any time, the bean must be portrayed as an adult in the context of their mateship. Only adult beans can be in mateships.
  • Users are not permitted to develop romantic relationships for their beans based around or containing illegal age gaps. If you are seen posting art or writing that portrays your bean in this kind of relationship, the characters will be removed from their existing mateship (if there is one) and will be blacklisted from breeding with each other along with potential strikes or bans for users involved.
  • JBDs are not able to breed if they are related. We will deny any mateship or breeding of JBDs we know to be related. This includes JBDs related via design lineages, polycules, headcanons, or adoption. If beans are mated and/or bred, only for us to discover later that they are related, it will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. This may result in the immediate separation of the JBDs in question, and/or further consequences for the user(s) involved.
  • Up to 5 JBDs can be officially mated at once. A JBD is only able to breed with one of their officially listed mates at a time. If your polyamorous bean(s) extend beyond 5, they are still welcome to be in a canon relationship. Our official breeding system only supports up to 5.
  • Separations can be requested in the case of user conflict, lack of communication, or if a mateship is no longer compatible. While it is encouraged to talk to all parties involved before separating your bean from its current mateship, it is not required - as such, it only takes one user to request a separation.
  • Users cannot breed their JBDs on their own without the use of a Nursery MYO. Please visit the Breeding Guide to learn more about how to breed your JBDs. 

8. Before Breeding Requirements

  • Before breeding can occur, JBDs are required to be in a mateship or courtship.
    • To apply for a mateship, please attach the "Wedding Ring" item to all involved beans in the "Mateship Records" prompt.
    • To apply for a courtship, please attach the "Courting Roses" item to the two beans you will be breeding in the "Mateship Records" prompt.
  • JBD owners are also required to give their individual beans the "Breeding Spell" before any mated couple can breed.
    • A Breeding Spell can be given to any currently mated/courted bean at any time ONLY by the owner of said bean. Users can obtain this item from The Build-A-Bean Workshop to attach to their beans.  This item essentially tells us that a user has given their consent to breed their bean with its current partner(s). This item can be deleted whenever the user wants, and without it the bean cannot breed but any mateships will stay intact. 
    • Spells must be renewed after one year, otherwise it will be seen as invalid. (We can see dates for when each currency was given.) To renew  the item, simply get a new one from the shop. This way inactive users do not have to worry about their characters being bred without their knowledge.
    • Breeding spells will be deleted upon the request of Separation Papers.
  • As breedings cannot be undone, we heavily encourage all users to discuss their terms for breeding their beans clearly with their partner(s). This includes future ownership of any offspring. The rules we have in place are meant to protect everyone, but they can only help so much.

9. Nursery MYOS

  • Nursery MYOs (NMYOS) are MYOs that are attached to two "parent" designs. These MYOs, unlike standard MYOs, can have traits and mutations passed down to them via the mated pair of your choice (so long as they meet the requirements). JBDs by nature are able to lay two eggs at a time. To reflect this in our breeding system, we have two ways users can buy NMYOs:
    • (Single) Breeding Voucher (350 tokens OR $35)
    • (Twin) Breeding Voucher (600 tokens OR $60)
      • The Twin Breeding Vouchers will get you two vouchers at once which can later be exchanged to make two JBD offspring (if purchased - each one will be worth $30)
  • Breeding Vouchers are items that are meant to be turned in through The Nursery. They are not a slot until they are redeemed through this prompt. Once turned in, we will make a NMYO slot for you with all the necessary information. To turn in a Breeding Voucher to get NMYO Slot, the following criteria must be met by the parent designs you choose:
    • Both parent designs are mated and both beans have an unexpired Breeding Spell.
      • It doesn't matter who buys the voucher, but only users who own at least one of the beans involved in the breeding can submit the voucher to the Nursery.
    • The NMYO(s) you are obtaining have a predetermined “owner.”
      • This means that you will not know the traits of the NMYO until it is officially claimed and in someone's ownership.
      • Twin Breeding Vouchers cannot be separated and must be turned in at the same time.
      • *IF THERE ARE PARENTS WITH DIFFERENT OWNERSHIPS: Agreement from both parties is needed before a recipient of the NMYO can be chosen. If it is brought to our attention that this step was skipped, the NMYO in question will be be frozen until an agreed owner can be chosen.
  • After the claim is submitted and approved, traits will be rolled and assigned to the NMYO upon creation of the slot.
    • Traits have a 50/50 shot at being passed down from either parent, meaning if one bean has floppy ears and the other bean has nonstandard ears, the nursery bean will have a 50% chance at getting either outcome. 
    • Mutations have a 1/4 chance at passing down. Similarly, if your JBD is a "Plain JBD," their plain coat has a 1/4 chance at passing down as well. If both parents have the same mutation, that trait has a 100% chance of passing down.
  • A NMYO slot can be “destroyed” before a design is made for the slot, but a refund will not be given. A user cannot control what another user does with a NMYO from the same breeding/pair, even if the beans are separated at any point after the linking of designs to the NMYO.
  • Users can attach potions in their inventory on top of the passed down traits when they go to get the design approved. Please coordinate with your artists if you will be adding potion traits to your NMYO's image at creation. If you would like a trait to be added later on, but still assigned to your bean upon creation, you may do so by adding items to the design submission.
  • A NMYOs design can be made by the slot owner or another artist.
    • Artist fees will not increase the price of the slot.
  • Both Breeding Vouchers and NMYOs can be traded and gifted freely (and resold if purchased with actual money.)
  • You can bring an already existing design into the species, but we ask that you only apply the design to NMYOs when they can pass as offspring of the parent beans. If your design doesn’t pass as offspring, you will be asked to put it in a normal MYO slot instead.

10. Official Artist BREEDINGS

  • Only Official JBD Artists can create Nursery Beans (NB) without prior purchase of an NMYO.
  • Artists will open slots for users to claim, be it fcfs, raffle, artist pick, etc. Artists will specify if the slots are for a single offspring or for twins and if they require payment or not.
    • The nursery bean’s price will be whatever the artist charged to make it OR half if the artist had a flat fee for twins. If the nursery bean was made for free, that bean will be free. This will all be disclosed when the individual artist opens their slots. Artists have the right to charge complexity fees if previously established with the client.
    • Official artists will choose their prices as they see fit and they should be respected. We will not tolerate complaints of prices chosen by the artists.
  • Beans will sit in holding until owners have been assigned - please have a plan for ownership ahead of time.
  • Just like NMYOs, traits are rolled at random from the parents' trait pool using the artist's own rolling formulas. Users cannot request for certain traits/mutations to be (or not to be) passed down. This goes for all breedings.


  • Unofficial breedings are standard MYOs that are designed to be the offspring of two or more designs. Unofficial breedings do not need NMYO's, wedding rings, or breeding spells, the only requirement is that approval from all parent owners must be submitted in some form when submitting the the MYO for approval.
    • Any traits applied to unofficial breedings that are not within the limits of a standard MYO must be purchased through potions.
    • If a design was made by combining two (or more) designs without permission, it will be treated as design theft and the design will need to be changed immediately.

12. Removing Parent JBDs from NBs/NMYOs

  • Users may remove their owned parent JBD from any of its NBs/NMYOs’ design lineages if they no longer wish for a NB/NMYO to be associated with their character’s design. The design lineage for the NB/NMYO, after the parent is removed, will simply have the removed parent listed as “Unknown.”
    • Removing a JBD from their NB/NMYO’s lineage is permanent and the parent JBD cannot be reinstated back into the design lineage, even if that parent JBD is under new ownership. Be certain you want to do this before going through with it.
    • To remove your parent JBD from their offspring’s lineage, simply submit a claim with your JBD and the offspring you wish to separate them from in the characters tab. Use the comments to let us know the purpose of your claim!
      • Also be aware that if the parent JBD changes ownership, the new owner also has the ability to sever ties to all NB/NMYOs attached to it, including any NB/NMYOs the original owner still has.
    • While the original design of a NB/NMYO, the one that was bred for, cannot be deleted, severing the lineage from a JBD will make it so the design cannot be “rebred” with the severed parent design when applying the revamp items to the NB/NMYO.
    • When using a revamp item, specifically the Magic Mirror item, on a NB/NMYO with only one remaining parent, users are free to make a new design with small elements from the remaining parent.
      • Design elements, specifically markings, should resemble the remaining parent by at least 20% but absolutely no more than 50% (unless permission is given by the owner of the remaining parent for the NB/NMYO to have more resemblance.) If the design resembles the remaining parent too much, the design will be asked to change, maybe even scrapped entirely.
    • Parent designs cannot be removed from a NMYO slot until after a design has been made for the slot. The design must start as a proper breeding regardless of if the owner wishes to remove the parent design(s) later on.
    • If both parent designs are removed from a lineage, a NB/NMYO will lose their NB/NMYO tag and become a JBD (in the case of Nursery Beans) or MYO (in the case of Nursery Make Your Owns) and will be treated as such.
    • Severing the lineage from a parent JBD also makes it so the NB/NMYO and any of their offspring are no longer related to said parent JBD.
      • While this does make a JBD eligible to breed with the JBDs no longer in their lineage, users are not allowed to abuse this function so they can have illegal or inbred relationships with their JBDs. Characters, when severed from a JBD’s lineage, should explicitly be treated as unrelated if they are to have any sort of romantic/breeding relationships with one another. Inappropriate relationships will result in severe consequences, including bans of any individuals involved.
    • The parent JBD does not have to be removed from every design lineage it makes. Users can choose which lineage they wish to remove their parent JBD from.
    • NBs cannot be removed from their design lineage, only parent designs can be removed from the design lineage. Owners of parent JBDs may sever their bean’s ties with the children JBDs, but owners of children JBDs may not sever their bean’s ties with the parent JBDs on their own. The owner of the parent JBD must be the one to submit the claim to sever ties.
      • Users who own a NB/NMYO can request users that own the parent designs to remove the parent(s) from the lineage, but this decision is entirely up to the owner of the parent design. Harassment over this will not be tolerated.
      • The exception to this rule is if your NB (all NMYOs will have their parents on the masterlist) currently has a parent JBD from CS and no existing masterlist entry. Users whose NB fall into this category can have their “parentage” removed.
        • To remove your NB from a non-masterlist JBD’s lineage, simply submit a claim with your NB in the characters tab and a link to the non-masterlist parent JBD(s). (Links to parents for pre-lorekeeper JBDs can be found in a NB’s description box.) Use the comments to let us know the purpose of your claim!
    • The ability to remove parent designs from their lineages was made to give users freedom and security with the designs they own. Users should not be abusing this freedom to breed JBDs only to consistently remove the parent designs for trait farming. If this is something that a user does or is suspected of doing with their JBD(s), JBD staff reserve the right to refuse them official breedings.

13. Sales, trades, giftings and readoptions

  • You must be +18 years or older or have parental permission to purchase a JBD monetarily.
  • Your JBD's resale value is determined by two things:

    1. The original purchase price of your JBD. 
    2. The added value of commissioned art. This is the total cost of all art that was commissioned of the JBD. This includes the initial cost of a design if you used a MYO slot but paid another user to design it for you. This does not include any personally drawn art or art that was gifted to you for free, only commissioned work.

    These two values added together form your JBD's resale value.

    Staff will not be tracking total resale value onsite, only the original purchase price, which will continue to be publicly viewable on each JBD's ML entry. It is up to users to keep track of the value of their commissioned art, if they would like to sell for the JBD's total resale value. In order to resell your JBD for their resale value, you must have the art on hand to be able to show your prospective buyer what they are paying extra for. It is okay to only show thumbnails/heavily watermarked images until the sale is complete- you just need to show your buyer proof that the commissioned art exists before they complete their purchase.

    If a user reports abuse of this system, staff may ask to see the extra art themselves to verify that it does indeed exist. If a user is found to be abusing this system by raising the price for art that does not exist or by lying about the cost of commissioned art pieces in order to inflate the JBD’s resale value, they may be subject to strikes or bans from the species as necessary.

  • Exchanges of JBDs for goods and/or services are defined in the following ways:

    TRADE - User A exchanges their JBD for goods owned by User B, or for services to be performed personally by User B.
    (ex. trading a JBD for a JBD, or trading a JBD for art)

    VOUCHER - User A exchanges their JBD for goods that User B will purchase, or for services to be paid for by User B but performed by a third party. User A should have some sort of good/service already in mind before seeking vouchers, as vouchers cannot be run like auctions with open-ended value. The price of a JBD's voucher does not need to match their resale value 1:1, but should remain reasonably close (within $30.) Gift cards are not acceptable for JBD vouchers.
    (ex. vouchering a JBD with 0 resale value for a character that is currently UFS for $30, or vouchering a JBD with a $50 value for a video game that costs $60.)

    RESALE - User A exchanges their JBD for currency that has some kind of real-world value, such as USD, CAD, or gift cards. JBDs can only be sold for an amount lower than or equal to their resale value. 

    If you own a JBD with a resale value of 0 (such as a free JBD that has no commissioned art), you may voucher them for goods or services that cost $30 or less. If you own a JBD that you won from a free raffle but have purchased $100 worth of art of them, you may resell that JBD for its full resale value of $100. If you purchased a JBD via auction for $500 but have purchased $150 worth of art of them, you may resell that JBD for $650. All beans can still be traded freely.

    Remember:  If you wish to sell or voucher for a JBD's resale value, you must have the extra art on hand. If you purchase a JBD via resale but then delete all of its art and there is no art to pass on to a new owner, you will only be able to resell for the JBD's original price! Hold onto that art if you think you might resell your JBD someday! It doesn't need to be public, you just need to be able to pass it along to the new owner somehow.

  • Staff may reject giftings or readopts to inactive, empty, or brand-new accounts.
  • You may adopt your JBD out via contest or raffle, either on your own or via staff. You can request for staff to readopt your bean through claims. If you choose to readopt your bean, it will instantly leave your ownership and cannot be reclaimed.
    • If you choose to host a contest or raffle for your bean, the contest/raffle must be public. This is so staff can keep track of the forms.
    • Please note that if you ask users to send you "concepts" or ask them to put effort into writing or drawing anything in an attempt to win the bean, that is considered a readoption contest and will be treated as such. If you are not sure about rehoming your bean and plan to possibly keep them, do not ask users to put time and effort into writing up ideas or drawing art of the JBD.
    • If anyone enters your contest, you must choose a winner. If anybody (even one person) has tried out for the JBD, you cannot cancel the readopt and choose to keep your bean.
    • Once you have chosen a winner, please inform staff of your choice through a private message and provide the winning form to us. Once approved you will be able to transfer the bean's ownership to said winner.
    • You have two weeks to choose a winner for your contest once it closes. If the contest in question is for free, staff will step in to take care of judging for you if two weeks pass and you do not choose a winner.
      • If you are running a bought contest, where the winner is expected to pay at the end, staff will not judge the contest for you, even if you take longer than 2 weeks to choose a winner. However, a warning will be issued at the 2 week mark, and for every additional day that a winner is not chosen, you will be given a strike. After 3 strikes, a ban will be issued and the contest will be closed, with the bean remaining in your possession.
    • If a user keept up communication with staff and/or is able to provide a legitimate reason for not being able to choose a winner in two weeks, they may be granted additional time to judge the contest, and potential bans may be reversed.
  • Users can offer vouchers, non-jbd characters, artwork or physical items in exchange for JBDs.
    • When accepting physical items in exchange for a JBD (plushies, fursuits, or any other physical item that needs to be shipped) you should do so at your own risk. The trade will not be seen as complete until the recipient gets their items and if the items get lost in transit JBD staff cannot compensate anyone for the loss of products.
    • When vouchering on behalf of someone for comission, that comission must be finished before the JBD the voucher is for can be placed under the new ownership.
  • Jellybean Dragons are not responsible for any monetary losses that come from incomplete trades or vouchers. Always be careful when sending money through ways that cannot be reversed.
  • When a sale, trade or voucher for a JBD has been completed but the current owner ceases communication and/or doesn't send the JBD over to the new owner, JBD staff are able to correct the ownership with adequit proof the trade/voucher has been completed.
    • Users who cease communication with users after a sale, trade or voucher has been completed are at risk of getting a punishment for scamming/scam-like behavior.
  • Tokens and JBD items can only be used for in game exchanges/trades or for commissioning artists for artwork, physical crafts or designs. (The artwork doesn’t have to be JBD related, but you can’t trade for other closed species characters with tokens.)
  • JBD staff reserve the right to reverse a sale or trade in the case of scamming, illegal activity, or illigitimate aquiring of said JBD.

14. Retiring your JBDs

  • Retired JBDs are JBDs that have their ML hidden from public view. This means the only people who can see them are staff members that might need to access their information for archiving purposes, but in every other aspect they are considered removed from the species. If a user wishes to retire the JBD versions of their characters, all they need to do is let a staff member know through DMs or claims.
  • A user cannot pick and choose which of their JBDs are retired and which are not. All JBDs under the user's ownership must be retired together.
    • Users cannot participate in the group or obtain more JBDs if they have retired their other JBDs.
    • Users cannot retire their JBDs to "start over."
  • Retiring a JBD does not change their resale/trade/voucher allowances. All designs that came from JBDs must still follow those rules, even when removed from the species. Users must be transparent about this, and the design's origins, to any future owners that are given the design. Failure to do so will result in a blacklist for scamming.
  • JBDs can be un-retired at any point if the owner or future owner would like to bring their JBDs back into the species. Users do not need MYO slots or items to bring retired JBDs back into the species. To undo the retirement of your JBDs, just let a staff member know you'd like them to be unhidden.
    • If JBD staff suspect a user is abusing this privilege to evade other rules or is retiring and unretiring their JBDs too frequently, we will not unretire their JBDs.
    • Users who obtain a retired JBD design and want to bring them back to JBDs are required to provide proof of ownership as we will not update the ownership once the character has been hidden.

15. Blacklisting/Banning

  • We (JBD staff) reserve the right to terminate, ban or suspend any user's account without notice.
  • Users banned from the species will have their account permanently frozen. Banned users cannot gain new JBDs or interract with the community under any circumstances, but are free to keep or rehome (with staff permission) their existing JBDs. Banned users are still free to use their characters outside the group like any regular user, including using them as one off characters.
    • While we will not take away blacklisted user's characters or designs, we can revoke the right for certain banned users to use our intellectual property for any reason. Blacklisted users might have their JBDs retired depending on the severity of the case.

We reserve the right to update our terms of service at any point or to cease all services at any given time. Rules are subject to change as new circumstances arise.
If we don't have a specific rule stated for your circumstances, ask staff before proceeding!

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