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You’ve heard the stories about the past winters in Lentilia from some of the older beans, painting tall tales about present and new friends who would fill the longest and shortest nights of the year with such brilliant cheer. For the past few years, however, you had seen no such thing! Though you’d never admit it, secretly, you always harbored hope that such a thing was real. Every day in December you’d walk by the palace gardens and sneak a peak to see if any of those fabeled visitors or gifts were in there…

Much to your surprise, after so many weeks of pretending not to look, through the grand gates you saw Evergreen and Roo decorating the garden that was so barren the day before! Roo, with his reindeer covered in glimmering jingle bells, waved to you. You pretended to be looking at something else but couldn’t help but get excited when you heard:

“Our new friends are on their way! They’re just a little late!”

🌲🌴 It’s that time of year again! 🌴🌲
Whether you’re enjoying the summer heat or the winter snow, we hope you have room for a few more festivities and friends in the days to come! While our new friends are en route, remember that each citizen of Lentilia can only bring one friend this year so everybody can share the winter spirit!

I wonder who’s going to be coming…

Day 1: Sugar Cookie
Day 2: Teddy Bear
Day 3: Seasons Come and Go
Day 4: Precious Gift
Day 5: Mistletoe
Day 6: Hot Pot & Bok Choy
Day 7: Sled DogSled Dog(?)
Day 8: Festive Singer
Day 9: Snow Globe & Tree Topper
Day 10: Gnome for the Holidays

Each user can only win one bean during the JBD 2023 advent event. If you win a bean, entries for other beans will be automatically disqualified!

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