February 2023 News

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A brown and cream JBD with a newsboy hat, carrying several newspapers.



Welcome to the first JBD Kingdom Newsletter! Going forward, we'll be posting onsite at the beginning of the month to update users on any changes made in previous months, as well as potential sneak previews of upcoming changes to the site. Some months we'll have more to say than others, but we'll make sure to keep you all updated!



January's quests have concluded! We have 5 lucky users who have won a Shiny MYO as a special raffle prize for completing the main quest. You can check out the results of the raffle here. Congratulations to our winners! We hope you have a lot of fun making some special beans.

With January behind us, February's quests are now available!


✦ Where the heart is ✦

With much of Lentilia still experiencing wintery weather, beans look to those they care about most to help them stay warm and happy during the tail end of the cold season. Whether it's friends, family, a special someone, or maybe even themselves, everyone seems to have some bean they care about deeply. Although they can't be together all the time, even a quick chat on the phone or a heartfelt letter does wonders for keeping the spirit warm in times like these.

Depict your bean spending time with someone they care about- or perhaps spending time reminiscing, if their loved one cannot be with them.

BONUS: On top of the usual 100 token reward, 5 lucky winners will also receive a Breeding Voucher !

Side quests have been updated for the new month. As usual, they can be found and submitted to here!



We have some new faces around town! 


You may have seen Bronagh around already, but she's been updated with a full introduction. It looks like her adoption center isn't fully ready to open just yet, but in the meantime, it seems like she could use your help cooking dinner for everyone . There are quite a few mouths to feed, so grab your chef's hat and apron and make your way over to the Job Board to complete this new prompt!

Your next new friend is Scooter, the ever handsome and clever -ahem- one and only publisher of Haricot's premier homemade newspaper, the Kingdom Gazette! Bringing you the news once a month, this young entrepreneur is always looking to expand his newspaper's readership. If you think you have what it takes, head to the Job Board and see if you can come up with an article good enough to be in the paper!




Last month saw a few things change around the site- as usual, for real time updates, you can check our changelog in the discord server.


All mutation example art has been updated, including brand new examples for mutations that lacked them, such as Chitin or Oversized Hair. You can check it out by clearing your cache and heading to the Trait Encyclopedia!

Two of Dare's shop items, the Mutation Potion and Transmutation Polish, have received new art. To see them, clear your cache and head to the back alleys of Haricot.

A few of our non player characters seem to have opened up a bit! NPCs 1-4 have had their descriptions updated with a little more information. <3

Our beloved Dr. Seamus is back- he will not be returning to his previous position as a discord bot, and will instead be opening his own private practice as a desktop program. This means we are once again able to automatically roll NMYO and Nursery Bean traits, and Breeding Vouchers are available to buy once more. 

Taking into account the rate at which folks are getting tokens, the demand for Breeding Vouchers (and the flood of them that tends to come in) and the increased workload that comes with getting the resulting NMYOs created, their price has changed to 600 tokens (for a single baby) and 1000 tokens (for twins)!

However, for those that have been holding onto just enough tokens to buy a Breeding Voucher in anticipation of their return, worry not!! Both items have a listing in the Build-A-Bean shop at their original price (350 tokens for one, 600 for two) that can each be purchased once per user and are available for all of February- so you can still get in there and buy that voucher you've been saving your tokens for.  Just keep in mind that this discounted option will be going away when March comes, so make sure to run in and  grab it before then!

Thanks for your patience while our bot was down, we hope you have lots of fun with NMYOs in the future!




It sounds like the Queen is expecting a large group of guests sometime early next month. Don't tell anyone, but I managed to grab a copy of their RSVP letter! I wonder what these beans will be like? Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

I've also heard that Dare's organization, the Dragonsfang Syndicate, is ramping up their attempts to recruit new blood after a big bust last month ended up getting a ton of their members caught. Now the Queensguard is getting ready to host some kind of big recruiting event themselves, to try and keep the situation under control... Apparently both groups can be pretty convincing. Let's just hope nothing too big comes from this, eh?

As a quick heads up, we will be changing JBD resale and voucher rules in late February or March! These terms will give users more freedom when reselling, but in turn will restrict voucher allowances. These terms will be pre-viewable and announced a week before they will be officially implemented so users can get all of their vouchers and resales in order before then!


And that's it! Thanks again for tuning in, and have a happy February, everybean!

Doodle-style comic of two JBDs. One offers the other some orange juice, but upon drinking it, they develop a bunch of custom traits!


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