April 2023 News

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A brown and cream JBD with a newsboy hat, carrying several newspapers.

JBD News (APRIL 2023)


Spring is finally here! Let's all get ready to hop into the month of April with today's newsletter.

Notice (4/28/2023):
A few additional prize eggs have been hidden around the site! Not including the 6 that are obtainable from our Main and Side Quests, there are 5 to be found. The eggs will be obtainable until May 3rd, 11:59pm site time. After that, they will vanish- and the next day, the four egg raffles will be rolled.
Your first clue: Our first egg can be found with a colorful character!



March's quests have now concluded! One lucky winner has won JBD-3506, while four others have each won a Multi-Tail tonic. Our winners can be seen here!

With March already fading into the past, we have April's quests ready to go!

Tod participating in Haricot's annual Egg Hunt.

✦ The Great Lentilian Egg Hunt ✦

In a tradition that dates back to the draconic age, beans of all ages and kinds come together in April to celebrate the great Egg Hunt. Supposedly, this bizarre holiday came about initially due to the nature of dragon eggs- namely, the fact that they became rather mobile as they were close to hatching. It was common in the spring for soon-to-hatch eggs to hop or roll right out of their nests, prompting a frantic search by returning parents- one that often ended in finding a hatchling rather than an egg! Thankfully, it's rare for eggs to roll off on their own, now, thanks to the beanlike shape of JBD eggs.

Of course, all these years later, JBDs still love a good egg hunt. Just about every major city in Lentilia has their own event planned, but none more so than Haricot! The Haricot Egg Hunt is famous even outside Lentilia for its sheer size and the number of hidden eggs, as well as the tricky surprises those eggs contain. How many will your beans find?

Depict your bean participating in this year's Egg Hunt!

BONUS: On top of the usual 100 token reward, three lucky winners will receive a SMYO!

Side quests have been updated for the new month. As usual, they can be found and submitted to here!




Uh oh... speaking of eggs rolling off on their own. It's rare for eggs to hop up and roll away, but not exactly unheard of. It looks like this year, a few eggs have managed to wander away. Maybe someone will find them while they're out hunting for prizes? We can only hope! Keep your eyes peeled for Prize Eggs this month- each one will contain a raffle ticket for each one of these four eggs, in addition to a random prize!



Think you know your beans? Then maybe take a shot at our new game: Mystery JBD !

Click here to send in a guess!

At the beginning of each month, we'll randomly choose an existing JBD from the masterlist. Then we'll zoom in and crop a small part of that JBD's design. If you can recognize the JBD just from that small part of the design, send in your guess to this google doc here! At the end of the month we'll close the form and look to see who, if anyone, got it right.

Any user who guesses correctly will win an equal share of the prize pot: 1000 tokens! This means that if only ONE user manages a correct guess, they will win all 1000 tokens! If 10 users all guess correctly, they will win 100 tokens each! We ask that even if you're 100% certain on what bean it is, please don't share the answer around and spoil the fun for others. As this is a brand new monthly game, we'll keep an eye on it and see if the rules, difficulty level, and/or prize amount need adjusting for later rounds. We hope you have fun and enjoy the little boost in tokens, if you win! ^_^




Starting this month, we'll have some seasonally rotating free to use lineart available to JBD users! These lines will be available until June 1st, at which point they'll be replaced with something more summer-themed. We hope you take the opportunity to grab 'em while they're available, and we hope you have fun using them for your springy beans!


March Changelog

A few small things around the site have changed!

Two brand new scrapbooking prompts have been added! Tell us all about your bean's favorite thing to do, and their least favorite person to see.

Bronagh and Scooter's Job prompts have been properly added to the Job Board.



Aaaand that's everything! We hope you enjoy this month's updates. As always, let us know in the discord or in the comments here if you have any questions!

A single panel comic featuring a bean standing behind a table with some strange looking tools on it. The caption says Bean Tools.

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