May 2023 News

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JBD News (MAY 2023)


Welcome to May! This month is a bit content-light as we gear up for some upcoming new stuff. Read on!



April's quests have now concluded! Three lucky winners have won a Shiny MYO- our winners can be seen here!

As we hop away from April, we have some new quests available!

Lenny enjoying some time at the beach.

✦ A Load Off Your Mind ✦

It doesn't matter who you are- whether you're an accountant, a queen, or a hardened criminal selling illegal potions- everybody needs some time off every now and then! Lentilia has been having some beautiful weather lately, so just about everyone has been taking a little time to relax and take things slow. 

How are your beans spending these lazy days? Perhaps they're enjoying an all-inclusive stay at the Legume Lagoon Resort? Or maybe just staying home and binge watching the latest season of their favorite show? Perhaps your bean might even be a bit of a workaholic, and this time away from their job just makes them more anxious...

Depict your bean, an NPC, or someone else's bean (with permission!) taking some time off to just relax.

BONUS: On top of the usual 100 token reward, two lucky winners will receive a free set of Nursery Bean twins drawn and designed by osteoh! If the winner(s) have no mated beans, he is open to letting them use one or more of his own beans as the parents. 

Side quests have been updated for the new month. As usual, they can be found and submitted to here!

You may notice the quest end times this month are a little odd- we'll touch on that next!



Our prompts are working a little differently this month, as staff is taking a short break. Submissions of all kinds will be closing on May 7th, at 11:59 pm site time. They will reopen at the beginning of June. Due to this break, this month's prompt is a double! This month's main and side quests will be available through both May and June, and can each be submitted to twice. Users can feel free to work on their quests during our break, and then submit them once we are back. The raffle will end when June is over.

You may notice funky stuff popping up on-site or changing during this time. Any and all changes will be addressed in June's News once we return! 🤭



Our game of Mystery Bean continues! Same rules as before- one guess per person, and every user who guesses the bean correctly will win an equal share of the 1000 token prize pot!

Click here to send in a guess!

Last month we had a whopping 40 winners guess the correct bean- the lovely JBD-1644, owned by coavadeer! Each user who guessed correctly will be recieving their share of the prize- 25 tokens apiece! The tokens will be sent out later today. EDIT: tokens have been sent!



April Changelog

A few small things around the site have changed!

Favor has recieved some lovely new art!

Going forward, references approved for use on the masterlist will need to be sure they are displaying the species' distinctive traits- meaning that lip fur should be present on all approved references where the mouth is visible (though it can certainly be subtle!) Additionally, as JBDs do not have pawpads, they should not be present in masterlist references. You are still free to simplify the feet on the ref as paws instead of claws, as long as no pawpads are visible.

Prize Eggs are no longer earnable from prompts, as April's quests have ended- however, the hidden Prize Eggs can still be found on site and claimed until May 3rd! Check the previous news post if you need a clue to get started.

Breeding is currently still closed, but mateship has reopened! It will be available until the 7th, when it will close along with everything else. Get those beans smoochin'!



Aaaand that's everything! We hope you enjoy this month's updates. As always, let us know in the discord or in the comments here if you have any questions!

Two beans relaxing on the beach outside Black Eye Cave. Something lurks inside.


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