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This is where to update your bean's mateship!
See the breeding guide for more information on breeding

Wedding Rings

This item, when given to two (or more) beans at one time, links them together in a Mateship. A mateship allows the JBDs within them to produce offspring together so long as they stay in the mateship.

While only two JBDs can breed at one time, a mateship can include up to 5 JBDs total.

Separation Papers

When this item is requested for a JBD, it removes them from their current Mateship.
If a bean currently has a Breeding Spell, the request of Separation Papers makes the pass expire immediately.

While it isn't required, please let the owner's of your JBD partner(s) know before requesting this currency!


Courting Roses

Unlike Wedding Rings, Courting Roses are used to link together two JBDs temporarily for a one-off breeding. These temporary breeding relationships are called "Courtships."

This item is deleted after a breeding is complete.

You can also delete this item from your JBD yourself and it will render the courtship invalid for breeding.

How to Claim These Items

1. Prompt: Select the"Mateship Records" prompt.
2. URL: For wedding rings, you can use this to link us to a screenshot of all parties agreeing to the mateship.  If all beans involved are owned by you, don't worry about this.
3. Comments: Leave blank (UNLESS you feel you need to provide additional information to  get us to approve something.)
4. Rewards: Leave blank
5. Characters: Press "Add Character" for every bean involved and then add them by typing in their individual codes to the box provided. (EX: NPC-1) 
Then, under "Reward Type" select "Item" and then add the breeding item of your choice. Make sure you set the quantity of this item to 1.
(In the case separation papers you can only add your own beans to the claim. Separation papers will not be added to your beans inventory, we will simply remove any rings they have!)
6. Add-ons: Leave blank

Hit "Submit" and you're done! You'll recieve a message once staff has rejected or approved the claim.



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