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The citizens of the Kingdom need your assistance with a couple tasks...they shouldn't derail your quest TOO much...


Simply choose a prompt from the list below and complete the requirements (as listed at the bottom.)
Be sure to title your submission with the prompt you have selected to do!

  1. Someone from town has disappeared- your bean must brave the wilderness and bring them back safely.
  2. Your bean has lost something/someone dear to them. How do they react/cope?
  3. Your bean has heard about a dangerous outlaw roaming around- a reward has been announced for their capture, and your bean is going to do their best to get it done.
  4. Many beans have fallen quite ill recently. A local healer thinks they can make a cure from a certain plant in the woods. It’s up to your bean to gather enough for everyone!
  5. Your bean has been experiencing a bizarre streak of extremely good luck. Has this made them more confident and willing to take risks, or do they lay low in case their luck runs out?
Potential Side Quest Rewards

For every Side Quest you submit you have the chance to earn one of the following rewards:
5-image.png4-image.png1-image.png2-image.png3-image.png8-image.png7-image.png10-image.png9-image.png15-image.png 1-image.png(x30 or x100)

Minimum Art Requirements:

Minimum Writing Requirements:

You can only do each side quest once per month!
You may use any of our NPCs for Side Quests until you have your own JBD!


Reward Amount
The Queen's Gratitude 1
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