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This is where you exchange Breeding Vouchers for Nursery MYOs!

Dr. Seamus:
Right on time for your consultation!
Wow, your egg seems close to hatching…are you ready to find out what your baby’s traits will be?



How to Exchange

1. URL: Leave blank
2. Comments: Fill out the following form:

Recipient of NMYO 1: [website profile]
Recipient of NMYO 2:
 (For Twin Breeding Vouchers) [website profile]
(*For parents with different owners: Ownership must be agreed on by both parties before the form is submitted)

3. Rewards: Leave blank
4. Characters: Press "Add Character" and add the two parents that are being bred with their unique codes. (EX: NPC-1) You must own at least one of the beans being bred to submit this form.
5. Add-ons: Attach the Breeding Voucher from the "Inventory" dropdown. (Twin Breeding Vouchers cannot be separated and must be turned in at the same time.)

Hit "Submit" and you're done! Once approved, the specified owner(s) will receive the NMYO slot(s) with a set of traits automatically applied.

See the breeding guide for more information on breeding and nursery rules for more information on NMYOs


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