[Closed] many-eyed ones

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Flatsale: JBD-3470[Closed]
Jellybean Dragon✦✦✦
Design: osteoh ・ Art: osteoh
Price: $80

XTA: JBD-3471[Closed]
Jellybean Dragon✦✦✦
Design: osteoh ・ Art: osteoh

Flatsale: JBD-3472[Closed]
Jellybean Dragon✦✦✦
Design: zach ・ Art: zach
Price: $80

Your prayers have been answered at last! These little angels are here to help you find true love this valentines day.

D̵̠̑o̸͇̚ ̷̱̉n̶̦͋ȍ̶͉t̷̢̀ ̴̭͑b̶̻̓e̵̢̋ ̵̦͒a̶͕̎f̵̗̈́r̵̳͋a̶̫͋i̶͕͐d̴̗̚.̷̤͛



We have a couple different things going on here! For the flatsales, the artist of your chosen bean will respond to your comment to confirm your claim. Payment is due within 24 hours, or the bean will go back up for claims. The draw to adopt will be open for entries until February 21st- further details can be seen on the featured  comment for that bean.

$80 flatsale - comment to claim

draw to adopt - comment here to enter

$80 flatsale - comment to claim



opti-mism Avatar
opti-mism Staff Member

Claim Cupid!

2023-02-14 18:37:45

zach Avatar
zach Staff Member

Wahoo! Thank you soo much, please message me on discord to discuss payment <3

2023-02-14 18:52:50

Kawartsii Avatar

Claim As Above So Below please!

2023-02-14 18:32:29

bellumii Avatar
bellumii Staff Member

Claim as above so below …

2023-02-14 18:32:11

osteoh Avatar
osteoh Staff Member

so quick, you got it! dm me on discord at osteoh#5894 and i'll get an invoice set up for you. 👁️

2023-02-14 18:38:17

osteoh Avatar
osteoh Staff Member
Featured by Owner

Respond to this comment to enter for BE NOT AFRAID.
This is a draw to adopt! It will close to new entries at 11:59 PM site time on February 21st.
To enter, draw a single picture of this bean celebrating (or pointedly not celebrating) valentines day!

2023-02-14 18:29:44 (Edited 2023-02-14 18:29:59)

osteoh Avatar
osteoh Staff Member

THANK YOU to everybody for waiting!! the contest has been judged, finally! i appreciate everyone's patience while i got some help judging! your entries were all so cute, funny, and in some cases just really pretty!!

i'm gonna send all the non-winning entries 100 tokens from my own personal bank as a thank you for entering. i had so much fun seeing everyone's entries!

2023-03-10 17:50:26


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