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2 January 2022 (1 year ago)


18+ • She/They • ADHD


Hello! My name is Rabbitheart, but you can call me Rabbit, Rabby or Rab for short! I have been a member of JBDs since 2013 when I entered my first contest and won a RU! I'm probably best known for my Jellybean Dragon couple known as Toothlynn who are a self-ship of my beans Amanda Lynn and Toothless, which has been going strong since April 2014! I love to draw and write, I especially love to write romantic fluff for my beans! When I'm not doing anything bean related, I'm probably doing something that will later end up influencing a future bean's character development (or a current one!). I'm a huge geek who is in many fandoms and loves many things! I'm super friendly and I'm always down to talk about shared interests! I'm currently really into K-Pop, K-Dramas, Doctor Who, Pokémon, Marvel and DC.

Art on the right is by the amazing Wyer on TH

The 3 Jellybean Dragons below are the ones I'm currently focusing on with links to their TH profiles!


Code by Pinky on TH

60 Tokens
Large Trait Potion
Small Trait Potion
Short Hair Potion
Small Trait Potion


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