Character Categories

Non-Player Character (NPC)

These are group-owned characters that are free to use in art or writing prompts, include in contest forms, and be your JBD's friend!

Official Adopt (JBD)

Jellybean Dragons obtained via regular adoption contest, flatsale, auction, etc. are found in this category.

MYO Jellybean Dragon (MYO)

"Make-your-Own" Jellybean Dragons are JBDs designed by users with the use of a MYO Slot

Nursery Bean (NB)

Jellybean Dragons created by an official artist mixing together two parent designs.

Nursery MYO (NMYO)

Nursery beans created by any user mixing together two parent designs.

Shiny MYO (SMYO)

"Make-your-Own" Jellybean Dragons that are designed by users with the use of a SMYO ticket. Shiny Make-Your-Owns have 20 edit points attached to them for initial creation.

Custom (CSTM)

Custom Jellybean Dragons.  Much like MYOs, custom JBDs are designed personally using a custom slot. Has no edit limit, but has a mutation limit of 4.
Used to be given to staff as payment - replaced with Shiny MYOs in 2021.

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