Item Categories

Trait Potions

Potions used to edit the following categories: Body, Ears, Tuft.

Hair Potions

Potions used to add or change your bean's hair, beards or manes

Horn Potions

Category of potions that affect your beans horns

Mutation Potions

Potions that give your beans Mutations

Miscellaneous Potions

Potions that are in their own category. Things like amplifiers, phoenix elixers, and other one-off type potions go in here.

Revamp Items

Items that are used to change the design of your JBD.

Breeding Vouchers

Items that can be turned into the Nursery for NMYOs.

Breeding Items

Characters can own items in this category!

Items that are used for JBD breeding.


Characters can own items in this category!

Awards given to JBDs for completing certain prompts. These will be deleted when a JBD is transferred to a different user.


Items we no longer use in JBDs. If you have one of these items in your inventory, submit a claim to be refunded in tokens.

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