Paint Stripper

Category: Miscellaneous Potions

This item, when paired with a MYO, will give your JBD the Plain Coat trait.

  • Plain JBDs can come in any color, but only one!
  • Please keep in mind you cannot add any markings to your bean if your bean has the Plain Coat trait, even through redesigns or revamps.
    • While they have no markings on fur and skin, plain beans can have different colors and/or markings on their horns, eyes, claws!
  • Can only be applied to a JBD during their initial MYO process.
    • This item cannot be applied to beans after they've been made/already existing JBDs.
    • This item cannot be applied on Nursery Beans or Nursery Make-Your-Owns.

Value: 300 TK


Purchaseable At: