Trait Categories


Standard Fur/body 

Normal - Mixed - Short

  • JBDs can have any body type — this is only referring to their fur length!
  • Users can add small stray hairs, small curls or a small braids in the fur. Users may also add surface level scars to their bean's body.
  • When using the V2 or V3 lineart, we ask that you draw the standard fur as close as possible when changing your beans body type!
    • This is to avoid confusion and keep things the same for everyone across the board when using these lines.

Custom Fur/body 

  • Custom fur is anything that differs from the 3 standard fur types. Affects things like fur texture, length and style.
    • Can affect a small area or the entire body. Does not add hair.
    • Must be visibly different from the standard traits in some way


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