Dragon Whiskers

Dragon Whiskers (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Incredibly long whiskers that are slightly thicker than average.

Plain Coat

Plain Coat (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Plain-colored JBDs are JBDs that are a single color and never develop any markings. This is a very rare occurance in the world of JBDs.
Plain JBDs can come in any color, but only one!

  • While it is listed as a mutation, this trait cannot be given via a mutation potion.
  • Plain beans can only be made during a MYO's creation using the "Paint Stripper" item.

Overgrowth (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A mutaton that causes plants (or fungi) of any kind to sprout naturally from a JBD's body. These plants seem relatively harmless to your bean and come in a wide variety of sizes, though they don't get much bigger than a bonsai tree. This mutation allows for more than just one type of plant/fungi/plant matter. The plants do not have to be a real or any specific species, but they should still resemble normal plants!
Only 50% of the bean can be covered by overgrowth at most.

Color Changing Properties

Color Changing Properties (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Your JBD can shift into a whole new color pallete (Alt) at will. Affects as much or as little as the design you want, but each "Alt" counts as a new mutation.
Does not change markings, only the color. 
This mutation can only be applied 3 times to your JBD.
This mutation does not give a jbd the ability to change their skin color when they are being depicted as a human bean or a split pea.


Venom (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Your bean secretes a poisonous substance. Affects things such as blood, saliva, tears, etc.


Luminescence (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A mutation that makes a JBD's markings glow. Luminescence can effect specific markings, traits (horns and nails), mutations, but cannot effect the entire JBDs design. Only 20% of a JBD's design can be effected by this mutation.

Eye Glow

Eye Glow (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Your bean's eyes glow and may leave behind faint light trails


Shimmer (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Your jbd's body shimmers brilliantly in the light! Can be isolated to specific colors/marking types/locations or can affect all of your jbd.


Sparkles (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Your bean leaves behind sparkles in their wake! A bean's body can be completely covered in sparkles, or the sparkles can be localized to specific locations on a bean's body.


Chitin (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Hard, bony plates. Similar to crab or beetle carapaces. 


Gills (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Allows a JBD to have functioning gills that are perfect for swimming through the deepest waters!


Scales (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A trait that makes scales appear on any area of a JBDs body. Comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes and are often very shiny. Up to 50% of a JBD's body can be covered by scales. Must remain on the "meat" of the body.

Short Legs

Short Legs (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A trait that makes all of a JBD's legs much shorter than average. 

Long Legs

Long Legs (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A trait that makes all of a JBD's legs much longer than average. 


Fins (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A trait that makes a JBD grow fins that are perfect for gliding through water. Can look like any kind of aquatic fin. This trait also allows you to give your JBD webbed toes!


Feathers (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A trait that makes JBDs sprout plumage from anywhere on their body. Up to 50% of a JBD's body can be covered by feathers. 
Feathers cannot be used in a way to mimic the appearance of feathery wings.


Multi-tail (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

A mutation that gives beans more than one tail.

  • Allows 1 additional tail to be added to your bean per mutation potion. Can only be applied in the normal tail location.
  • You can have a maximum of 8 additional tails added on your JBD, making the overall maxmium 9 tails.
Deviant Claw

Deviant Claw (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Claws that are much larger than average JBD claws.

Deviant Horn/Spikes

Deviant Horn/Spikes (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Horns or spikes that grow from abnormal areas from a bean's body. Deviant horns are the same as normal horns, just on different parts of the body. While there is no written maximum for how many are allowed, deviant horns cannot be bigger than the normal head horn allowance.

Deviant Tail Shape

Deviant Tail Shape (Mutation)

Category: Mutation

Deviant tails are tails that differ in shape and size from normal JBD tails, but they still retain a thick base that tapers at the end where it meets the tail tuft. Both thick/thin tails, curled, long, and deviant tail shapes all count as deviant tails.
A short tail is not a deviant tail shape, only longer than average lengths are! To give your bean a deviant tail that is short, you will need to combine a medium trait potion with a mutation potion!

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