Normal Fur

Normal Fur (Standard)

Category: Body

Medium length fur that is soft and straight. The fur has a consistant length all across the body, except for the legs where it remains relatively short. This makes the JBD look fluffy and cute.

Short Fur

Short Fur (Standard)

Category: Body

Fur that is very short and feels like velvet, aside from the JBD's lip fluff which remains visibly fluffy. This gives the JBD a very sleek and smooth look. JBDs with short fur sometimes still have fur on the back of their neck or cheeks.

Mixed Fur

Mixed Fur (Standard)

Category: Body

A mix between the standard fur and the standard short fur

Custom Fur

Custom Fur (Custom)

Category: Body

Custom fur that deviates from the standard fur in any way. (The provided examples are merely a few ideas on what you can do!)

Oversized Fur

Oversized Fur (Mutation)

Category: Body

A trait that makes the fur length of a JBD much larger/longer than normal. This trait allows for custom fur by default.

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