Ear Tufts (Free)

Category: Ears

Small hairs coming off the ends of your JBD's ears. Must stay small and not effect the overall shape of the original ear.

Hair Tuft (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

A small poof of hair that can be styled.
You can refer to the Free Tuft box (colloquially known as the Baig Box, for the user Baigel who created it) to make sure the hair is within limits!

Snaggle Teeth (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

Small teeth that poke out of the bean's mouth. Cannot exceed the size shown here.

Scars (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

A free trait showing a healed wound on your bean. Cannot cover any major design elements.

Whiskers (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

Thin, soft whiskers, similar to a cat's. Whiskers cannot be thicker or larger than the example shown below.

Missing Limb (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

The bean loses a limb, eye, ear,  or has a major injury.

Ankle Tufts (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

Standard ankle tufts.

Beard Tuft (Free)

Category: Misc Traits

A small tuft on your bean's chin that is similar to a beard

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